• Festival Preview: BOMfest 2010

    27 jui. 2010, 13h12m par clairecameron

    This Weekend Barnsley is the BOM

    Festival Preview: BOMfest 2010
    Saturday 17th July
    Worsbrough Mill and Country Park, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    Capacity: 4999
    Gates open: 11.30am
    Event finishes: 2:00am

    There is a Festival brewing in South Yorkshire this Saturday promising a storming selection of music and entertainment.

    BOMfest bursts out of Barnsley for a 5th year running, and 2010 is set to be the best year yet. Nestled in the sprawling Yorkshire countryside of Worsbrough Dale, lovers of the outdoors and music alike could not wish for a more idyllic setting. I spoke to the voice of the BOM, Dave Hancock, to find out what makes BOMfest tick.

    ‘It all started with an idea to create a music scene in our own town, and determination to see it through’, says Dave. BOM, (Barnsley Original Music), was born. ‘BOMfest’s foundations are rooted in the love of music and community. We rely on volunteers and angels have fallen from the sky in recent years to help the cause. It takes energy, a spark and a vision. …
  • Gig Review - Sepultura / The Inbreds / Vallenbrosa / Mishkin - Leeds Rio's…

    19 août 2007, 8h26m par Yorkshiremike

    We arrive just as Leeds band Mishkin are onstage, they sound decent enough, perhaps slightly guilty of trying to ram too many time changes / riffs / styles into each song, but hell, who writes really good riff driven songs anymore ?

    To answer that question, Vallenbrosa arrive in a big welter of riffage, with well constructed songs, and, hello old friend, solo's, quite a lot of solo's actually. This is proper heavy metal with big catchy hooks and the sort of songs you can get into right away.

    Singer Nik shouts out that Vallenbrosa are "From the dirty, dirty South, but please don't hold that against us". They play some good music, a few heads are being banged and they get the thumbs up all round from P, Chez and myself.

    The Inbreds are another set of Southerners, 6 of them this time. As I watched the array of guitarists squeezing themselves onto the none too large Rio stage I was a little worried that this would be a muddy wall of noise…
  • The Experiment Goes Wrong

    15 jui. 2007, 17h49m par muistuma

    The last two weeks haven't gone as planned because I didn't get enough new CD's. It also happened that 1) I forgot to take my mp3 player with me, 2) the batteries died and I didn't remember to recharge them and then one time 3) my ear was ringing so bad that I couldn't bare to listen to music.

    Week 4 (only 5 days instead of 7)
    Camper Van Beethoven: Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart
    So boring I don't even remember anything about it

    Neko Case: Blacklisted
    One of my finds. Only listened to this once or twice. Thought I'd like it right away, but it hasn't impressed me yet. Need to listen to it more.

    Week 5
    Mainly listened to good old stuff:

    Random songs by Mishkin
    Daphne Loves Derby: On the Strength of All Convinced
    Henryk Górecki: GORECKI: Symphony No. 3 / Three Olden Style Pieces

    and some music I've listened earlier this summer as well, listed in in my other posts.

    We'll see if Week 6 will be better.
  • Tear From The Red

    24 avr. 2006, 20h33m par mushroom87

    Got this album the other day, by Poison the Well. Very fucking good it is, and very cheap. Standout tracks atm are Botchla and Parks and What You Meant To Me. Very good album. Not quite as good as You Come Before You, the only other PTW release I have.

    I don't think I've got any other new CDs lately. Fair few discoveries though:

    Stalins War: The first female fronted metalcore band I've enjoyed. Couple of decent songs.

    Mishkin: Prog-emo? I dunno what it is, but its good. Very light and airy, then heavy as fuck. Go to their Myspace now.

    Hondo Maclean: From Eden Maine's similar artists, pretty good band. Great name.

    Today is also my - aversary. Yep, I've been on this thing a whole damn year. I think it's been worth it, I've found a shitload of new bands and loads of new genres I never knew existed. I have also developed my love of music into an obsession, and become very obsessed by itself. Ask my girlfriend... :P

    Here's a few bands I would not have found without this fan-fucking-tastic website:
  • Leeds: Bright Young Things 2006

    9 mars 2006, 22h19m par samsaunders

    Each year since 2001, the New Year has ushered a dozen or more young Leeds artists into a recording studio, a photo shoot and a prestige gig, planned and paid for by Leeds City Council (bless them all). A well-packaged, widely distributed compilation CD has been produced and we've all felt jealous/annoyed, delighted/embarrassed at the results. In the years before 2001 a battle of the bands had been the general scheme, with the last year of heats taking place in the about-to-close Duchess of York and the final taking place in the about-to-close Town and Country Club. The Battle won't be missed, but the venues are still there as raw wounds on the local landscape. One haunts Vicar Lane as a Hugo Boss pants emporium and the other slides into dementia as a mid-price drinking shed for the hard of hearing.

    This year it feels as though something different has happened. The unevenness and goofiness has completely gone. Some of what we have is a bit safe, maybe. But all of it could be serious money-making music in its own niche.