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aka Brother Moulinex / Monsieur Sonotone / Raymond Tempi…

Composer, musician, producer.
Born in Nice, France, 1970.

Riviera, seaside, deluxe cars and high boots, eternal sun, "Promenade des Anglais"… Well, everything is said.
Black and white. Fatal love for easy tunes, smoothy arrangements, sad pop, punk rock…& passion for the deep soul-funk ghetto sounds, deep grooving from the roots black culture.
Between sillyness and consciousness. Between kitsch & beauty.

From his dj appearances at the Cannes French Film Festival, to his debut hysteric tracks ("La raie o milieu", " The oulatumi dance" on the Boutique Chic Collection (2005), Minimatic is creating a retro-60s-electro-boogaloo-soul-kitsch sound of its own, full of vintage instruments & modern electronic treatment to provide a colourful production.

From his covers , the noticeable Aha's "Take On Me" in a bossa mood (long before the "Nouvelle Vague" phenomenom…), Dylan's funkyfication (DylanMania/2009) to his remixes (Cassius, Janko Nilovic, Bela, Mondo Candido, Bajka, Bahama Soul Club…), he can be found on several sexy compilations around the world.
In a more cinematic and intimate way, he released a pure 70's moricone-sque OST ("Spaggiari revient") on Vadim Music (2007).

Regularly produces groovy tracks and recreatives albums ("Mambo Mojo", "Kitchen Music"…) for french library music publishers like Telemusic, Parigomusic , used on various TV ads and programs.

Involved in the electro-swing fever movement, some of his tracks & remixes recently appeared on some of the best compilations in this genre (Swing Party / Electro Swing III / The Art of Electro Swing…)

Founder in 2008 of TOUR EIFFEL RECORDS, with its growing famous series of 7" EP, overboosting Gainsbourg's "Chez les yeye", hijacking Wu Tang and Peaches' acapellas, or electrifying a lovely french 60's icon (France Gall) in a nu-boogaloo danceflooresque style. 3000 copies already sold, for the first three releases, and supported by many djs and radios everywhere from Estonia to Japan

>>> Minimatic has played with several djs & artists all over Europe : Smoove (UK), Senor Coconut (DE), Munk (DE), Dj Makala (ES), Henry Storch (DE), In Flagranti (US), Soulist (FR), Mo Horizon (DE), Buscemi (NL), Dj Zebra (FR), DJ6 (NL), Cosmo Vitelli (FR)…

official site : minimatic.net

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