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There are several artists using this name.

1) Mars are one of the pioneers of the No Wave Movement. They formed in 1975, originally called China, with Sumner Crane, Constance 'China' Burg & Nancy Arlen. The band appeared on the New York noise radar in 1977 and became one of the regular acts at CBGB where they played with leading No Wave bands on the scene. Mars is best known as the band on Brian Eno's "No New York" compilation that had no intensive musical background but presented songs that made a staggering impact on the devolution of punk into primordial noise.

Before the band dissolved in 1978, they managed to record material for an EP, a self-titled affair, posthumously released in 1980. Their EP, along with an early 7" and live tracks, were released as a compilation 78+ on Widowspeak in 1986. Atavistic re-released the compilation in 1996, and Mars' bassist Mark Cunningham released The Complete Studio Recordings in his own label Spooky Sound in 2003.

2) Mars (Born Mario Delgado in 1980) is an American rapper from the San Francisco Bay Area.
In 2005, he received national attention when fan Jeff Weise frequented Mars' website and forum before killing nine people.
In 2009, Mars received attention when it was learned that Mars' music was an influence on the music of horrorcore fan Richard Sam McCroskey, who allegedly killed four people. McCroskey's MySpace page listed Mars as his favorite rapper, and Mars told law enforcement he had seen and signed autographs for McCroskey at various events before the murders.From these events, he has been interviewed by several TV news outlets around the United States including CBS News, Fox News, ABC News, and CNN.
Mars releases his music on Mad Insanity Records, including his most recent School House Glock: Extra Credit (2009, EP)

3) Mars started DJ’ing way back in 2004 and has been building up an international following ever since with his energetic style and amazing production skills. Hailing from Russia Mars has quickly become known as one of the finest Producers the Country has to offer and has had support from many of the biggest names around. He has appeared on Radio 1 (Annie Nightingale), Kiss FM (Jay Cunning) and runs his own shows on the multi award winning NSB Radio and the up and coming Nubreaks Radio.
He started making Breaks in 2006 and as of 2009 has also been making Dubstep, as well as producing stomping tunes and remixes for many of the scenes biggest labels Mars has launched XSSR Records. This has quickly become a go to for any fan of pounding basslines, melodic synths and massive Dancefloor tunes and is undoubtedly one of the most consistent labels around today. Mars’s own tunes continue to gather support and top the charts around the scene while XSSR itself has been gathering pace with every release.

4) Mars is a pseudonym of French multi-instrumentalist Marcel Aubé. In 1992 he fell in love with the Ehru, a Chinese string instrument. He learned to play it himself, and released one album with his music in 2007, titled Dragonfly. His music mixes jazz with pop and world music.

5) Mars Founded in 2011. Inspired by American pagan folk and apocalyptic philosophy the sound of MARS is dominated by purely acoustic arrangements using guitars, various percussions and two male voices. Follow the duo on a journey into the bleakest hours of cultural decline.

6) A visual-kei band. Please see alternative tag mars.

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