• Poesybeat.org for all songwriters/composers

    30 mars 2006, 7h07m par vercetty

    I've been part of Poesybeat.org as a contributor and I must say it's really great fun. The initiative is quite young, Illinois based but open to the entire world through their comprehensive web system.

    It works as follows.

    Person A writes a poem. Person B (that could be you), takes the poem and uses it in a new song/composition - they call it a beat. The result is a poesybeat, which then can be listened to by the masses. The other way round: You make some original music (or upload a demo you've had lying around) - wait til someone else uses your music to write poetry to. The result can be combined into a poesybeat.

    The reason I like this so much, is that you collaborate with people from the other side of the globe - it's free, no hassle inspiration and the results are always unique! They compile Albums of poesybeats.

    Examples, explanations of the arts initiative can be found at http://poesybeat.org - go check it out for yourself! You can listen to my results there, under my name Marco Aldendorff or VeRCEttY.