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Plusieurs groupes portent le nom de Magnus:

1. Magnus - Groupe de trash death metal polonais né à la fin des années 80.

Site officiel: http://www.magnusmetal.com/

2. Magnus - Groupe de musique électronique belge fondé par Tom Barman et CJ Bolland.

"gOD is great, after dEUS and The Prophet comes Magnus. First one to call Magnus a side-project will get his teeth kicked in by me personally Barman grins. The message is clear: were not talking about a quick inbetweenie here, but a close and successful encounter between two musicians with radically distinct musical backgrounds, who took it to a recording studio in search of a common sound. C.J. Bollands interest in electronic music started at a very young age. His inspiration came from artists as diverse as Jean-Michel Jarre to Kraftwerk. Although world renowned as the master of Techno, C.J. has experimented with all aspects of electronic music - not only on his own albums, but also on remixes for pop and underground artists alike. Electronic music is not altogether a new thing for Tom Barman either: In the eighties, my record collection consisted mainly of electro-pop tunes. At a certain moment, I moved on to other genres, but halfway through the nineties, my interest in electronic music returned after hearing releases from James Lavelle and his MoWax label. However, I always felt that the typical 4/4 beat in dance music was too restrictive, too monotonous. Personally, I thought the electro scene became interesting again when DJ Krush and DJ Shadow came up and when breakbeat started making its way. Since then Ive been listening to techno, house, drumnbass intensely. Magnus is a synthesis of all those influences. The first Magnus album titled 'The Body Gave You Everything' was released in 2004. 2010 will see the return of Magnus. Stay tuned…"

Taken from http://www.youtube.com/user/MagnusMusicCom

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/magnusbelgium

Oficial website: http://www.magnusmusic.com

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