• Most loved "freebie" artists?

    18 mars 2007, 11h24m par Eyoki

    It's amazing how much free music is there to be had (legally) via the Net. The garageband site is one such watering hole.

    A lot of what is available isn't all that amazing, but every now and again I have come across artists that I love - and which I probably would never have encountered otherwise. Mostly these have been electronica artists: Lyua Dust, Airbag Killex, Extronica, Trout and A Brilliant Career for example. I suppose Green Man and Tujiko Noriko could also be filed under this category too.

    There have also been a couple of folk/acoustic artists too: for instance Josh Woodward and the Canadian singer-songwriter Christa Couture.

    In a couple of cases i've gone on to buy (yes, pay money) for further tracks by these artists. And where i haven't, it's generally because i couldn't find any tracks to buy.

    I think i'm going to discover more and more new favourite artists this way.