• Nobuooo 9.08 Top Stories

    15 déc. 2008, 0h09m par jeriaska

    Here are some of the top-rated news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website during September 2008.


    Nobuooo 9.08 Update

    This time, Nobuooo is at PAX. Segments include Penny Arcade Adventures, Reformat the Planet, Yakuza 2, Nerdcore Rising, and Valkyria Chronicles.

    Sound Current: The PAX 10

    This Siliconera video featuring designers from each of the PAX 10 independent games showcased at the Penny Arcade Expo, centering on the subject of their titles and music soundtracks.


    2008 Press Start symphony of games report

    At the Press Start Symphony of Games, taking place at Shibuya’s Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Koji Kondo took the stage to introduce Super Mario Galaxy, Nobuo Uematsu offered a pre-Final Fantasy Square medley, Motoi Sakuraba was there to represent Baten Kaitos, and for a surprise encore, Yasunori Mitsuda delivered a brief talk following a Chrono Trigger/ Chrono Cross arrangement.