• [My Gang] Ladytron – Ace Of Hz : Reco of the Week 01 Mar 11

    1 mars 2011, 19h02m par Babs_05

    Track: Ace of Hz [ Soundcloud ]
    Artist: Ladytron
    Album: Best of Ladytron 00-10 (Nettwerk, 28 March 2011)
    Single: Ace of Hz (30 Nov 10)
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    Video: Click the pic...

    http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/84_3CCqvljA/default.jpg YouTube, official video

    Somehow, I have managed not to write about Ladytron yet. I can now correct this glaring omission by introducing the new single and video from the forthcoming retrospective, due at the end of the month.

    Ace of Hz, (pronounced 'hearts') maintains the standard and sound Ladytron have established over the last decade, raising their game now with the sophisticated polish of the practiced hand; echoed in their stylish video which takes motifs made famous by surrealist artist René Magritte.

    Though formed in 1999, I first noticed Ladytron in 2002 when they released the singles Seventeen and Blue Jeans, from their second album, Light & Magic and both still among my all-time favourites today. …
  • My latest musical affair...

    27 jui. 2006, 12h28m par Robsy

    I never thought I'd pick up an album from the dance section in HMV. I didn't even know where the section was to be honest; I only usually look in and (though HMV are fools, blink-182 in ? WTF?).

    Anyway, I was in town finalising my new job (working in The Entertainer, woohoo...), and my mum's parking ticket was running out, but we had seven minutes to spare, so while she walked on to the car I dashed to HMV (Virgin is on the other side of town, unfortunately...). I was looking through the usual sale deals as well as albums/singles in the current charts (they occasionally have good deals, I remember picking up The Go! Team's album for a very low price when it was charting), but alas, time was running out, and I didn't want to leave empty handed.

    Then a song came on in the store, and it immediately caught my attention as to how catchy it was. It had an almost dance-y beat though, so I was confused as to why I was enjoying it so much, but I asked to nice lady who it was. …