• Some Songs I Dislike Very Much

    14 mai 2010, 23h31m par Lionheartattack

    Hey, folks! Nothing sort of miraculous this time (either). I'll just post some songs I really don't like. I can't say I "hate" any song. Some are just very boring or irritating to listen to and thus I wouldn't if I had the chance. Here's a bunch... I'll possibly add something to the list every now and then if something springs to my mind.

    Komar & Melamid and Dave Soldier - The Most Unwanted Song
    - They really did it for me. Research, science has intentionally made a ridiculously bad song. I find it hard to believe someone really, really, REALLY likes this, like some people state they do... They just state to like it because they want to be unique or I don't know...

    Aphrodite's Child -
    - I don't even consider it as music. Also, it was supposed to be 39 minutes long, but the record company turned the idea down - for the sake of some serious mental health issues, I believe. -.- The album 666 overally is actually pretty good, though, in its own scary way... :D

    Valvomo - Mikä Kesä
  • PLAYLIST: 04/05/2010> AVAntýry: Diletantství, absurdita a parodie v hudbě

    9 mai 2010, 17h11m par buKaKe

    1. Komar & Melamid and Dave Soldier – The Most Unwanted Song (The People’s Choice Music, Dia Art Foundation, 1997)
    2. Orpheus Chamber Orchestra – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Ein musikalischer Spaß in F major, k.522 – IV Presto (Mozart – The Wind Concertos – Serenades – Divertimenti, Deutsche Grammophon, 1991)
    3. Klaus Bayer– Hauptmann Pfeffers einsamer Herzenklub (Hauptmann Pfeffers einsamer Herzenklub, Staalplaat, 2001)
    4. Klaus Bayer – Gestern (Hauptmann Pfeffers Einsamer Herzenklub, Staalplaat, 2001)
    5. The Residents– Strawberry Fields (The Warner Bros. Ablum, unreleased, (1971?))
    6. The Residents – Oh Mommy, Oh Daddy, Can’t You See That It’s True (The Warner Bros. Ablum, unreleased, (1971?))
    7. Now – Dwellpoint (The Hepadaboo, Flau, 2008)
    8. Now– Relieve The Food (The Hepadaboo, Flau, 2008)
    9. James Call – Big Fun Maki Time!!! (Japanese Dance Track) (The Real James Anthology, Mishap, release date unknown)
    10. Angelo Badalamenti – Love Theme From Twin Peaks (Soundtrack From Twin Peaks, Warner Bros. Records, 1990)