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Kobe's a Japanese port notorious for the terrible earthquake that destroyed it on January 17th, 1995, is located by the north of the Bay of Osaka. Geographical coincidence? Certainly not. Sébastien Roué has long sought to explore other musical territories as those shared with his sidekick Yannick Martin in Osaka. The more in phase with other sides of his personal influence that hip hop, jazz and abstrack take a proud place alongside Pan-American / Labradford folks and Durutti Column.

Make no mistake about it, "Made Of Water" is not a new album of jazz fusion. Its influences, apart from a few passages marked KOBE mostly accepted the way of doing things. Collages and samples dress pieces of this guitarist who has long since succumbed to the charms of the digital computer without breaking with a real talent as a composer. Talent which adds extreme meticulousness own solo artists are able to spend hours on a sound, a note, a setting, a tiny detail, which ultimately make the difference.

The 11 tracks that make up this first solo album are primarily tremendous melodic ambient pieces, the personality despite subtle winks (here, a guitar worthy of Vini Reilly, then the vintage organs of Labradford). It emerges from this album a pleasant feeling of weightlessness, or flotation that would justify the title of all, it depends. And it is a large cotton bath that invites us KOBE when the voices of Valerie Marrec and Hervé Kerbrat, companions of always, appear for 3 titles of uncommon emotional density, including "And Then" or magnificent "Countries Of The Mind".

Made Of Water is an invitation to the wandering mind, quiet, ears covered by headphones to both protective and explorer, on the lookout for any emotions that run through this album in particular. Peaceful journey Kobe locked up, pending the return to Osaka.

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