• hip pop

    29 jui. 2007, 7h58m par snortglitter86

    There are not enough hip hop/pop fans in this site.

    i LOVE
    Like This by Kelly Rowland
    Umbrella by Rihanna

    Suggest more songs that I will like!
  • In my vision: The story behind their successes!

    26 jui. 2007, 18h54m par Luigi-ish

    They score one hit after another. We call them successful after only one hit already. Ok, so they are, I mean name Nelly Furtado or Justin Timberlake and count how many people say "who?". Now I can write about how successful they are, how much they sell and stuff but I won't. You probably already know that by now. Still there are people who are commonly known/popular, however their albums/singles sell like crap. How come? And how come those popular artists are so popular? These are my explanation of how these artists got so popular, and in some cases still be so darn unsuccessful. Oh and the sales I'm talking about later are real, I did special research just to back me up!
    • NOT - Hilary Duff: When Dignity was released, many critics noticed how grown up the album became, most songs had a special meaning and a hidden message. But you know something? Hilary Duff is not popular among the adults (who love the adult songs)…
  • Me & Brittni

    1 jui. 2007, 18h52m par KayNish
    There's a picture of me and my friend Brittni. This is from the UB trip to Barter Theater. It was so much fun! Brittni is so funny and a really good friend. We looked so sexay that night. We were a little over dressed though, but we got compliments so who cares? I know I don't. I'm the one in the red dress and Brittni is the one in the black. The food at the place we were at was really good. Like This
  • P.R.H. Lyricz Game (vol. V)

    3 juin 2007, 8h57m par Toodalimit

    1. Put your player on random
    2. Write the first line(s) of lyrics from each song
    3. Let others guess the song and artist
    4. When a song is guessed, cross it out.
    5. If you'd like, list all of the artists used at the end of the post

    1> There's a wild streak in me but it's only for u to see.
    2> Want you to turn the lights off, me on....
    3> I hope the ring you gave to her turns her finger green Never Again
    4> All the homies know what I mean, baby lemme show you how I leanLean Like A Cholo
    5> I'm feeling way to cool tonight, Got my hat cocked to the right
    6> Is it me, who never compromised, always see things thru my eyes, which means it's my way
    7> One Summer night, we went away for a while
    8> If I don't pick up the phone like i used to (for you)If
    9> I love you, I love you, I love you... baby I love you, you are my life.... Dangerously in love
    10> Back in high school, I knew a girl like you, she was heaven sent...
  • Good job, Hip-Pop World.

    10 mars 2007, 20h27m par maykamei

    Some people believe that hip-hop music, as it is played on large network radio stations, is on the decline. I must say that I’ve heard two refreshing surprises over the past few days, though.

    The first is Kelly Rowland and Eve’s collab on “Like This.” It’s like the feminine version of a gangster anthem. And who knew Kelly would actually up and do something without Destiny’s Child?

    The second is T Pain. T Pain is crap. I hate T Pain. Don’t buy me a drank. I don’t care if you love a stripper. But last night I heard something totally distinct from the rest of his repertoire. “Mr. Dountoun.” It’s just got so much going on in the song that I love it! Like a more organized, more pop version of hyphy music. It’s surprisingly great.

    Iris recently urged me to check out Girl Talk. I like their music a lot, but it’s kind of like the less methodological version of Party Ben mash-ups. It’s great stuff to work to, energetic and none too distracting. …