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Has done Music for films cursus at MAI Music Academy International Nancy in 2017.
Album "A Film Not Yet Made" with label Time Released Sound art director Colin Herrick Alameda (San Francisco) mastering n5MD (Mike Cadoo).

I 'm based in Brest. I compose music, piano and computer music, registered Sacem. I'm interested for sharing music in all sort of artistic collaborations, music, theatre, short movies, movies.

Recent collaborations :

with the singer, songwriter, composer, and music producer Joanna St Claire , for a single "I love you, too". " I Love You, Too is a collaboration between Joanna and Julien - separated by space, but barely by name…The piece began in Brest, France with Julien's piano and strings. Then it journeyed to Los Angeles, where Joanna wrote the lyrics and vocal line, before performing it at her studio at Dreamtown Music.Final production, mixing and mastering duties at the studio were shared by herself and Per Lichtman.

with the drummer and multi-instrumentist Frederic Perroux in the tune "Collage" (with caisadrum in this tune) and Christine Assino for photography and video http://www.julien-boulier.net/Collage-new-collaboration-Frederic.html

with Pucinski in "Lumière espace", http://www.julien-boulier.net/new-collaboration-with-S-Pucinski.html, https://www.facebook.com/pucinski.music, http://www.myspace.com/pucinski

Collaborations with art media phographers Christine Assino (Hennequin) <iframe width="853" height="480" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PLFB5EE51AA04D2C66&amp;hl=fr_FR"; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> and Juany Gorgorita.

Others collaborations in films : see this link for all the recent films collaborations http://www.julien-boulier.net/-Musique-a-l-image-.html

2017-2018 : court métrage Islandia de Eir BRYNJU-BJÖRNSDÓTTIR (20 minutes) présenté au festival de Cannes 2018 hors compétition : co-compositeur avec Nicolas Liebing pour la musique du thème de Brynja

My 2 tunes "Ossian méandre" et "Cordyline méandre" in this Roman Gerodimos 2018 film based on Paul Badura-Skoda essay. Composers : Julien Boulier and Giorgos Arkomanis

full cast and crew : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7248832/fullcredits
site officiel du film : https://www.essencethemovie.com/

with Ling Hu, My music in Ling Hu film "Eliza"




with Aj Young, Mon morceau "Arbre entité" primé dans un très court métrage "Gadget" par Lucky Cockroach et writting, Cinematography, Directing A.J. Young du 32nd Annual Scottsdale Community College Film Festival , Scottsdale Community College’s TCM 217 - Advance Cinematography Class Arizona 2nd Place Original Score with Creative Commons Licence



About AJ Young :

photos du film :

with Andrea Rossetti in short movie Psychosalome ("PsychoSALOMÈ", Andrea Rossetti video based on Oscar Wilde's "Salomè" and "De Profundis" and with my music in the soundtrack, won the video-art section (for work above 30 minutes) at the 5th Grand Prix "The Short Film- Rome International Festival".Psycho Salome Andrea Rossetti

with Delphine Persyn ("Cernunnos", Delphine Persyn short film with my music in competition at festival "Les Frontières du court" won Prix du public in june 2010 edition)

with Laurent Mascles Compagnie Ile LAUMA (http://www.ilelauma.com/liens.php) (in theatre piece "La mort morte" from Gherasim Luca in july at Festival d'Avignon 2010 (http://www.avignon-en-scenes.fr/article_desc.php?men=1&id_art=716), Cabaret Vauban 20 h 30 in Brest on 1rst March 2011 (http://www.espacevauban.com/espacevauban.html) , Theâtre Laurette in Paris 21 h 30 on 09 March 2011.(http://www.billetreduc.com/46901/evt.htm)

with Adrian Copitzky, Félix Faisst, and Frank Kayan, in a short film "die Küchenuhr" inspired by the Wolfgang Borchert kurzgischichte "die Küchenuhr".

with Thury Tonarm : DJ music

with Vincent Morvan (black and white short movie "Parenthèse"),

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