• A perfect cusp of happiness. That could have been.

    17 nov. 2010, 20h00m par kane_play

    I find myself stuck in a moment of soliloquy again. Thinking, smiling and remembering, how you used to call me every morning. 6 O'Clock , you would call me. I could feel your wide smile, over the phone, and remember the widening affection of your dimple. I could smell your scent, at dawn, that damn Gucci. That was the way to wake up. At 6 O'Clock in the morning. On the dot. Every morning.

    They say, you must have a reference point in life, you must have that moment in time when you know that your whole life changed. I have a multitude of those moments, in memory. Its also said, by them, that you can never forget your first kiss and your first love. But they never knew about us. They don't mention anything, of your first true love.

    I can't say that you were my first love, or that I was yours. There could have been somebody else, from your past, someone that you were devoted to, when you first knew love, and when love was new to you. …