• Small but perfectly formed

    2 juin 2012, 11h33m par grendelis

    Sat 26 May – Tír na nÓg

    I only caught the second half of this gig. They opened this second half with my favourite of their songs - Two White Horses. It was the whole reason I went to the gig, so I was happy from that moment on and relieved that I had caught them playing that song. Anything else was a bonus :)

    Two acoustic musicians (Sonny Condell sitting, Leo O'Kelly standing), singing lovely harmonies on a small black stage surrounded by kit. Soon the acoustic was sounding like an electric and with the use of all the equipment these 2 talented musicians sounded like an electric folk rock band complete with drums. The music styles came from anywhere in the last 30 years and included solo material.

    Sadly the audience was small, only around 30 people I estimate. This was perhaps partly because Elvis Costello was also playing in town that night and it was a lovely warm summery evening with lots of BBQs going on. However, we were treated to a lovely warm and positive set even…
  • Hennings hårete 2011-liste

    31 déc. 2011, 14h39m par henning_poulsen

    Les hele saken og finn Spotify-spillelister her:

    2011 har vært et spennende og givende år for oss med en allmennalternativ musikkinteresse over snittet. Veteraner som PJ Harvey, Wilco, Elbow og The Decemberists har levert varene i år også, band som Tapes ‘n Tapes og The Pains of Being Pure at Heart har tatt sjumilssteg mens flere gamle helter, som Thurston Moore, Lindsey Buckingham og Ryan Adams, viser tegn til gammel storhet. Det har rett og slett kommet så mange gode utgivelser at det har vært omtrent umulig å få med seg alt, noe jeg ikke minst skjønner når jeg leser årslistene til mine kolleger i Panorama-redaksjonen.

    Kanskje fordi det skjer såpass mye interessant i flere musikkmiljøer i både Storbritannia, USA og Canada, så havner våre hjemlige helter ørlite i skyggen i denne anmelderens øyne og ører. Bevares, det skjer mye bra her til lands også, men 2011 går nok ikke inn i rockens historiebok som en av de sterkeste norske årgangene. …
  • Dandelion Radio - January 2012 shows

    30 déc. 2011, 13h13m par DandelionRadio

    Festive 50:
    Continuing a Christmas tradition started by the late BBC broadcaster John Peel in 1976, an assortment of our DJs will be counting down through the best 50 tracks from 2011, as voted for by listeners to Dandelion Radio. Jeff Grainger, Rocker, Andrew Morrison, Neil Jenkins and Mark Whitby take it in turns to reveal the chart in reverse order, with Pete Jackson announcing this year's winner! To try to keep the suspense in the countdown, the track info is not shown until a few seconds before each song finishes. The show is repeated every day (at different times) until the end of January so if you join in somewhere in the middle, do come back and hear the rest.

    2011 Review:
    For January 2012 Dandelion Radio introduces a Review of the year 2011, as seen through the eyes of our DJs. Covering the long and the short, the abusive and the beautiful, each DJ takes a turn in guiding you through some of their musical high points from the past year. …
  • 'Elegy for Jackie Leven'-Interview(+LivePerformance)Fife Acoustic Music Club Oct 09

    23 nov. 2011, 23h33m par harkyb

    The Late, Jackie Leven shares his wise; wonderful & witty words with me, during the interval of his performance at the Fife Acoustic Music Club (Polish Club 22/10/09) - which proved to be a memorable home-coming gig; during our chat he gives a candid insight into his itinerant lifestyle; troubled past & relationship with Fife, his introduction to music in his formative years, touching on his Romany heritage - the colourful reasoning for choosing his first pseudonym John St Field, Doll By Doll’s antagonism relationship with Punk and his respect for his Label Cooking Vinyl.

    He truly was one of Fife’s greatest musical exports; an engaging raconteur, a gentleman & prolific & consummate musician of the highest order. I'm sure he'll be greatly missed by all who met him & were touched by his music.

    Sadly there will be no Encore - RIP Jackie Leven…“Bury me in the Village Square; where I can hear the feet of the children and the drums of the old men”.

    Link to Mixcloud(Harknessian) Interview & Performance
  • I've Been Everywhere

    28 avr. 2008, 19h25m par Putrick

    Der Mensch ist ja ein Gewohnheitstier, deshalb kommt jetzt nach zwei Mal Scarlett Johansson zum dreieinhalbten Mal was über WDR2.
    Da hab ich nämlich vor schätzungsweise einem Jahr zufällig ein Lied gehört, das mich seitdem nicht mehr loslies. Im -Style gehalten wurden dort alle möglichen und unmöglichen deutschen Städte aufgezählt — aber mit englischem Akzent.
    Ich kam gerade mit dem Auto vom Schwimmtraining und musste rechts ranfahren, weil ich mich vor lauter Lachen nicht mehr aufs Fahren konzentrieren konnte. Leider sagte die/der Sprecher/in im Anschluss nicht, von wem das Lied war, aber zum Glück hat WDR2 im Web ja ein Angebot, in dem man die gespielten Lieder der letzten Woche noch einmal nachschauen kann. Aber wie das so ist: Bis ich zu Hause war, hatte ich die Sache vergessen und eingefallen ist sie mir erst einen Monat später wieder — als die Datenbank die Daten für den entsprechenden Abend natürlich schon längst vergessen hatte.
  • Songs that make you stop...

    1 août 2007, 14h02m par PocketMumble

    There are certain songs that no matter what I'm doing, if they come on, always make me stop whatever it is I'm doing and just listen....
    Off the top of my head:-
    Lullaby - Blackfield
    Faces - Jackie Leven (with the legendary David Thomas on vocals)
    Biking Home - Lisa Gerrard
    The 4 (Great Ishraqi Sun) - Secret Chiefs 3 (in fact, this is one of those songs that makes me happy that music like this exists in the world)

    I'm sure there'll be more that come to me....
  • Extensive Musical Taste Meter - Pinched from someone elses journal

    14 mai 2007, 2h13m par PocketMumble

    "This script lists your top 20 overall artists and lists the 8 most similar artists to each one, then omits any repeated artists. The idea is to see how varied your taste is. A score of 9 is extremely unvaried while 160 represents an extremely varied one."

    136, not too shabby I guess....

    1: Secret Chiefs 3
    2: Estradasphere
    3: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
    4: Mr. Bungle
    5: Fantômas
    6: John Zorn
    7: Tomahawk
    8: Mike Patton
    9: Kaada/Patton
    10: Explosions in the Sky
    11: Mogwai
    12: Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    13: Sigur Rós
    14: Do Make Say Think
    15: A Silver Mt. Zion
    16: Broken Social Scene
    17: The Album Leaf
    18: Mono
    19: Damn You Peter Pan
    20: Lisa Gerrard
    21: Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke
    22: Dead Can Dance
    23: Brendan Perry
    24: Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy
    25: This Mortal Coil
    26: Hans Zimmer
    27: Cocteau Twins
    28: Arcana
    29: Bob Drake
    30: Vril
    31: 5uu's
    32: Drake
    33: Hamster Theatre
    34: Biota
    35: Venus Handcuffs
    36: Art Bears
    37: The Science Group
  • Seen Live upto 2006... (with brief reviews!)

    3 nov. 2005, 12h31m par jacoustic

    Artists I remember seeing live, in a rough kind of chronological order, with brief review/description:

    Upto 2006

    The Pindrop Band [x2] (support: Polly Paulusma)
    • Wonderful intimate Bristol-based acoustic band, led by guitarist/songwriter Piers Partridge, featuring singer Phoebe Partridge (with her gorgeous voice), more beautiful singers, and a host of wonderful acoustic instruments (see
    • Polly Paulusma also impressed live, solo on her Martin acoustic. I actually preferred her live performance over her recording Scissors in my Pocket, ('twas more magical and intimate).

      Kathryn Williams [x2] (support: Magnet)
    • The first time I saw her was at the Regents Park Open Air Theatre, on a warm summer's night; it was absolutely magical. Wonderful performance, sung from the heart. The second time she was again charming, her soft voice blending with guitars, cello and backing vocals to create a beautifully lush sound.