• Please, Lend Me Your Ears

    6 juin 2008, 0h05m par MurkyGlow

    This is an invitation to any interested or curious persons (who may like goth, belly dance, electronic, or tribal fusion experiments) to listen to my music.
    I want to attract listeners to help establish a list of artists that may be similar, and also possibly get some feedback/comments and tagging going on.

    I have spent most of my adult life doing visual art, but last year I realized I could no longer keep from working with sound and trying to make music.
    Since then I’ve self-released four albums under the name ashin.

    The first, Storm-Drain, is kind of atmospheric, almost ambient in places, and also full of weird beats, radio static, strange electronic noises, and record sample/scratches. I really don’t know what to compare this to. Parts are funky, jagged, droning. I was interested in both electronic tribal-like rhythms as well as spacey atmospherics, and trying to capture the feeling of a sonic journey and the idea of “Archaic Futurism. …