• Pre-Screening: Iron & Wine

    15 mai 2009, 19h05m par JohnCa55illo

    The following appears on my music blog, Animal Noises- feel free to check it out.


    Album: Around the Well
    Artist: Iron & Wine
    Label: Sub Pop
    Due Out: May 19th

    Yes, this is, indeed, a compilation album. A large portion of the songs that appear on Iron & Wine's Around the Well have not been heard before by more than the most-dedicated fans. They are an extensive group of songs (23 in all), which the man behind the music, Samuel Beam, put together quite nicely, and for that, should at least be awarded with an evaluation. On top of this, Matt was traveling today, and thus couldn't post his usual Thursday article, so I decided to compile this double-dip album review in its place. Thursday/early Friday will be this album, while I'll feature another album later Friday. However, regardless of the fact that this album was not put together as organically as the others we normally discuss, I can assure you that the content flows extremely well…