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The group originally formed as "Drowned" in 1996. The members of the band at that time were Dave McPherson on guitar and vocals, Joe Morgan on bass and backing vocals and Simon Taylor on drums. They played several local venues, getting their first interviews and airplay on Brentwood-based station Phoenix FM. They signed with MFN in 2001 and changed their name to "InMe" to avoid confusion with the American Christian rock group of the same name.
During 2004, however, the record company MFN collapsed and InMe were left without a label. They signed with V2 Records and created their own "Pandora's Box Records".
As of 19 July 2006 Joe Morgan ceased to play bass for InMe. He has been replaced by Dave's brother Greg McPherson. Joe has chosen to leave the band on good terms and to pursue a different career.
In 2007 InMe agreed a deal with Graphite Records for the release of their Daydream Anonymous album.
In summer/autumn 2008, second guitarist Ben Konstantinovic joined the band.
Their fourth album Herald Moth is out now.
Music style

Their musical style of simple riffs combined with angst-ridden lyrical material has led many to dub them as 'nu-metal', although since they emerged onto the screens of Kerrang! TV shortly after the popularity of this genre had waned and the term had ceased to be applied so widely, the most accurate label for InMe's music would probably be post-grunge.
In the early days of Overgrown Eden, InMe were labelled by many as 'nu-metal', but upon the release of White Butterfly, it became clear that the band had matured. Early performances of tracks off Daydream Anonymous have suggested to many that InMe may be heading back slightly towards the music heard in Overgrown Eden. It could be argued that InMe's music style on Daydream Anonymous is more progressive and technical. Their new album is said to go even further down this direction and contain a very technical and progressive sound and will also incorporate mathcore influences.
Overgrown Eden

InMe's first single, "UnderDose", was released in 2002 and entered the UK charts at #66. This was followed by the single 'Firefly' which narrowly missed out on an Official UK Top 40 position, entering at 43. The band released one more single before the album; 'Crushed like fruit' which reached #25 in the UK charts. Their debut album was delayed several times until its eventual release on 30 January 2003 titled Overgrown Eden. The record entered the UK album charts at #15. This was followed by the single 'Neptune'.
On 5 June 2006 Overgrown Eden was re-released in its original format. This was due to the band finally getting the rights for the album from MFN.
White Butterfly

Their second album, White Butterfly, was released 20 June 2005. It was released in two forms in the UK, a standard edition with thirteen tracks, and a limited edition with two bonus tracks 'Every whisper aches' and 'Angels with Snipers'. The first single from White Butterfly was technically "Faster The Chase" back in 2004 when the band were still with MFN. Before the release of the album, there was a leak where several tracks, due to be released for the first time on the album, escaped and were downloaded by many InMe fans. This incident is often used to explain why White Butterfly did not reach as high as Overgrown Eden in the UK chart. After, download-only single, "Otherside", was released at a cost of £0.99 (GBP) per download. The first in-store single to be released on the new label, however, was "7 Weeks" which reached #36 in the UK singles chart. The second single from the album So You Know reached #33. The release of White Butterfly was sandwiched between a tour of the UK. White Butterfly was produced by Josh Abraham, known for his work with other big name bands such as Korn.
The band released a double a-side download single "White Butterfly/Safe In A Room" on 19 December 2005 with a 5 track live EP. It can be purchased from the HMV download store, which turned up at #36 in the National download chart.
The album White Butterfly was written dedicated to James Austin, a friend of the group who met Joe during secondary school. James passed away six weeks before his 19th birthday in July 2002 after an accident on holiday with friends celebrating the end of A-Level exams. James is the reason behind the name white butterfly. When he was a child, he had once stroked a white butterfly's wing, he had always remind people that he was 'special' as it is obviously, for an encounter such as this, very rare indeed. It has been said that on several occasions after his passing when his family or friends thought or spoke of him, a white butterfly flew past, making them feel he was close.
In late 2007, members of the official InMe forum voted "Faster The Chase" as the best song that the band had ever recorded.
Caught: White Butterfly

A live album, titled Caught: White Butterfly was recorded at the London Astoria on 17 December 2005 at the end of a massive UK tour. It was released on 14 August 2006. InMe have always played a mixture of both the new and the old material, playing tracks from Overgrown Eden, White Butterfly and some of their B-sides live.
The album was a prelude to an eagerly awaited live DVD of the bands performance at the London Astoria at the same date, named "White Butterfly Caught Live", which was released on 9 October 2006. On release, the demand was very high and prices rose quickly on both www.amazon.co.uk and www.play.com
Joe Morgan's departure

This note was posted by Dave and Simon of InMe on the band's message board along with their MySpace account, reading:
"This is an official announcement to let you know that Joe will no longer be playing bass with InMe. He is going to pursue a different career and we wish him all the best. We have had 10 amazing years doing what we love together and we have no regrets. Good luck mate.
Si and I however will be continuing InMe and will be joined by Greg McPherson on bass duties. We will be playing all announced dates and we hope to hit you with some new music soon. Sir Joe Morgan, we salute you. Dave and Si. X"
In various interviews, InMe have confirmed that Joe Morgan went to university. One interview was conducted with 'Planet-Loud', whereby Dave discusses the line-up change, stating: "Joe wanted to go to uni before he misses the opportunity which we fully support. It's been on the cards for sometime and although it's sad to see him go Greg is the absolute bollocks".
Daydream Anonymous

In September 2007, InMe released their third album Daydream Anonymous. It charted in the UK at number 71, making it the lowest charting InMe album yet. It had a more technical style.

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