• Unholy Alliance part II - Milano, IT

    24 oct. 2006, 1h30m par combustionws

    Thine Eyes Bleed:
    It was a really good first band for the festival. Lots of energy and a speed that made every headbanger on the place already wake up for what was coming. They played like 5 songs only, but it was cool. I am looking forward to their second album.

    Lamb of God:
    I didn't know much songs from them, which helped in a way. I got a really good surprise. They are really good. Sometimes, for me, it sounded a heavier Pantera. The presentation was doing great until the power went out! It was so absurd! I never saw that in my entire headbanger life.
    After 5-7 minutes, the power came back. Then they played 2 more songs, one of them was Redneck, which is A+
    Another cool song was:
    Now You've Got Something To Die For

    Children of Bodom:
    One of the 2 bands i wanted to see here. The intro was really relly funny. A big band jazz style a la Oscar entry.
    "And now with you, the only, Children of Bodom!"
    Alex Laiho is a excellent guitarrist live, a true metalhead.
    But, again, the power went out! ABSURD!!!
  • The Best of the Best: My List of Spine-Tingling Tracks

    18 avr. 2006, 1h16m par flamedragon

    Alright, well I know I have done this plenty of times... but I am in an extrordinarily good mood today... I want to list the best of the best from the CD's I own. By best of the best, I mean the feeling that the particular song gives me, the energy of the song, that "goosebumps / headbanging / omfg i just shit my pants because this song is so goddamn awesome / feeling". Alright, I may have just scared you, but whatever, I will proceed to list some songs. If you wanna hear these, I don't have any problems sending some I guess. I generally use AIM to share between friends, but I have webspace and such, hah...

    My Ruin
    I fucking love this song, it is so catchy. I don't care for the vocals really, it's just the feeling I get 30 seconds into the song when the guitar starts... it's so awesome. I think the first time I heard the song, I had the demo on repeat for a few hours. At about 2:15 it gets really good, the melody kicks in some more and a solo begins.

    North Sea Storm
  • In Flames & Sepultura - Cardiff

    31 mars 2006, 12h28m par Monkeyspoon

    So metal slug and I once again head off to Cardiff bay for another night of metal. The venue is the Coal Exchange again, which I was happy about. For me the coal exchange is the right size and has the right layout for an intimate but comfortable experience.

    As we walked in some band called gazeebo or gadobo or something had just started. I saw them as the stereotypical 1st support on a 3 act line-up. Their music was average, very unimaginative. Each song sounded the same and involved minimal effort on all parts. Watching the guitarist for 5 minutes you could see that each horn throw, each jump, each thrust of his guitar was the result of hours spent in front of a mirror trying to get it dead on as he wanted it. I would have been quite happy to walk in last night and see Sepultura about to do their stuff, ah well.

    So, after a short wait, Sepultura took to the stage and to be honest exceeded my expectations of them. The tribal/rhythmic sound of the band sounded top notch. …
  • In flames Sepultura and Dagoba at the glasgow barrowlands 24th march 06

    25 mars 2006, 14h17m par urbanpanda85

    In Flames Sepultura Dagoba

    As memory serves this was the craziest hardest gig i've ever been to under a roof, festivals are different.

    Dagoba kicked off the night excellently, great drumming and bass, nice fast hard metal, clean and solid, one song that stuck to mind was The white guy, just a extremely well structured great song.

    next up were Sepultura, now i dont want to over exaggerate but the splittest second after their fade in music had stopped, the place exploded, tossed to the side were small bodies (me) and everybody else who wasnt a big sweaty man tattoo'd long hair'd ...man.

    I went for a piss after their first song, some young fella was at the sink blowing the blood out of his busted nose, i asked him if he was ok, he replied 'fucking sepultura man, course i'm ok'

    got back upstairs prompt, to find the pit widened much, many people decking it and getting stomped on, then eventually getting helped up, not sure how many guys i saw getting lifted completely limp of any body muscle what so ever…