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Between rock and post-hardcore, Holding Sand has been growing up pretty fast since 2007. Their music can be defined as a mix of powerful riffs and catchy melodies, carried by their unwavering energy and a massive sound.

After they released their first EP "Ebb & Flow" (2009) greeted by the critics, and went on a promising national tour of more than 30 dates, Holding Sand put out their new 5-tracks "On Sleepless Nights" in 2010. It was recorded by David Potvin (One-Way Mirror, Lyzanxia, Sexypop…). Darker and heavier than what they sounded like in the past, the band is catching the attention of an ever-growing and anthusiastic audience.

The quintet took things up a notch when they unveiled the music video for the song "On Sleepless Nights" (directed by Benjamin Cappelletti : My Own Private Alaska, Sidilarsen…)

They quickly put a 25-minutes long documentary about the band online, called "Holding Sand : Inside", and launched on february 2011 a 6-episodes web-serie about their lives on tour called "The Holding Sand Chronicles", before hitting the studio again in april.

After the successful release of their two first EP's, the band is about to distribute their first album "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid" in january 2012 through M&O Music.

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