• Eurovision Winners - Full List

    30 mai 2010, 21h44m par babs100

  • Charts - 29/12/08-4/1/09

    6 jan. 2009, 21h40m par Kapitankraut

    10. Rush
    I can see why people like this band, but I can't quite get into them myself.

    10. Magnus Carlsson
    One of the better Swedish male vocalists. There's a really cheeky sense of humour about his work, as well as some terrific melodies.

    9. Alcazar
    One of two bands that Magnus has been a part of. As with Magnus himself, a lot of fun.

    8. Liquid Tension Experiment
    Close to nothing better in the world. Instrumental Dream Theater, in a sense. Just amazing stuff.

    6. Barrington Levy
    He just can't seem to carry an album by himself.

    6. Hanggai
    It seems as though the Inner Mongolian throat singing style is a bit weaker than the Tuvan equivalent. I much prefer the Tuvans.

    5. Skindred
    Now this is a real find. Leaving aside the odd irritating scream, we have reggae crossed with a sort of groove metal. I can't see how this could possibly work, but it really does.

    3. Guns N' Roses
    "Chinese Democracy" really isn't all it's cracked up to be. …
  • Charts - 8/12-14/12/08

    15 déc. 2008, 21h39m par Kapitankraut

    I skipped on the recommendations, since the powers that be have done silly things to them again.

    8. Femi Kuti
    His father was an absolute genius, and his younger brother Seun is as well. The torch, however, has skipped Femi, whose take on afrobeat feels very sterile.

    8. Glennis Grace
    One of the long line of Dutch vocalists who just can't quite hold up over an entire album.

    8. Värttinä
    I'm slowly moving away from their later work. I much prefer the vocal gymnastics of their earlier days.

    7. Barrington Levy
    He's got a pleasant voice, but over the course of an album I tend to tune out. Yes, "Under Mi Sensi" is a classic, but man cannot live on one song alone.

    6. Hadise
    If she were anything but a Belgian-Turk, she'd be a generic RnB vocalist. As it stands, I can't get enough of her sound and really can't wait to see what she brings to the table in Moscow next year.

    5. Solas
    Irish folk done right. Probably four words I need to hear more often.

  • My music history

    24 jan. 2006, 17h04m par fernbom

    I was born in 1973. My first memories of music is The Boppers which was played in kindergarten in 1979. Later I've also remembered hearing Popcorn in a cartoon the same year. In the very early 1980s I heard Swedish bands like Freestyle and Gyllene Tider, but it wasn't until 1983, when I was allowed to watch Melodifestivalen, where they decide the Swedish entry for Eurovision Song Contest, that I really became interested in music. I liked Carola! Everyone in did... That summer my aunt recorded Carola's first LP to a music cassette for me. She also recorded Magnus Uggla's latest album, which I also liked.

    In 1984 I watched Melodifestivalen again and Herreys won. They even won Eurovision Song Contest! Later that year I became more interested in pop music, bands like Alphaville and Men Without Hats, but I also liked Twisted Sister when they were played in the tv show Bagen. The end of 1984 was fantastic with hits like Forever Young, The Wild Boys, Sex Crime (1984), The Riddle, Kao Bang, Shout