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"I, Jason Paul Smith of "From the Kuiper Krow", was born in little town just off the Gulf Coast called Houston. I began playing music when I was about 12 years old. I was given a pair of drum sticks and after having beat the shit out of my mattress for a few months, I gave interest to an instrument with a more subtle introduction. I learned to play guitar. At first, I had no intention of learning the instrument. I wanted to learn how to play only one song on guitar, Silent Lucidity by Queensryche.
I was raised in Houston and lived there until I was 19 years old. My first move away from home led me to Austin, Texas where I spent the next 7 years of my life. I lived in Austin until August 2005. Work brought me out west to the town of El Paso where I live for 6 years before moving to San Antonio where I currently reside.
My greatest musical influences are Tool, The Deftones, Foo Fighters and the classic and forever loved, Pink Floyd.
I have recorded several full length albums with names and cover art all on my own, but the numbers of songs that I've written is more than I can count. The key factor in developing my sound is first taking some of my favorite music by my favorite artists and letting it influence each song that I write. There is a little of every band that I love in each note.
Second is to visualize the impression it would have on others, mainly my friends. If I think a part of a song could be interpreted as too simple, I will add a couple of notes to create a more intricate sound.
I have picked up and learned to play a few instruments over the years, bass, piano and even singing, but my love for music started with guitar and to it's six strings, I will always remain loyal."

From the Kuiper Krow is a concept pioneered by solo artist Jason Paul Smith. The album is 11 songs ranging from aggressive rock, like the first track titled "Ain't Nothin'" mimicking a conversation between a patient and his head doctor to a background of chunky guitar riffs changing from slow to fast, to the track titled "The Hook" which is a melodic portrayal of a relationship gone south due to infidelity. The album offers a wide variety of music styles and moods and posses an edge that with which many of our modern day generation can identify. Songs from the first, self titled album are comprised of Rock n' Roll, Alternative, Grunge, Singer/Songwriter and Electronic music styles to create a meld of in your face, crunchy guitar riffs and clean melodic melodies. All songs are original, written, recorded and produced by Jason Paul Smith under his label Devilmelvin Records. Listen for it in 2013.

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