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    4 jan. 2006, 1h06m par thedaydreamer1

    Right now my tracks played count 13217!
    I registered on January 4th 2005, 1 year ago!
    13217 tracks in 1 year=365 days ~=36 tracks per day.
    So this is my first year with the plugin at my winamp top 20 analysis! (kind of the same (and with many same comments) as the every 10000 songs played analysis... well, what can I say, I am the analysing type! :-P )

    I mostly listen to complete albums, so this entry will deal only with the artist's top 20!

    1. Ρόδες - 527 tracks
    Ρόδες is a new group from Greece. They formed in 2004 from members of the greek hip-hop/low bap bands Active Member and Brigada together with the guitar player of the greek rock band Magic De Spell and their music is hip-hop with rock, folk, electronica and dub elements. Their debut album Στη γιορτή της φαντασίας, released March 2005, is definitely the album I listened to the most this last year.
    Their musical originality is something quite rare at the modern greek music scene, and even more rare at the greek hip-hop scene. …