• Elbow at Wembley Arena - 14th March 2009

    17 mars 2009, 2h23m par Al_73

    Well, they're the best British band & have garnered fully deserved awards all over the place recently in the wake of the phemomenal The Seldom Seen Kid album & tonight they played their biggest ever gig, in front of 12,000 people. When they started out, did they ever think that one day they'd be playing Wembley Arena? Well, here they were & blimey, did they put on one hell of a show!

    Guy Garvey is the only frontman I know who can make the biggest of venues seem like an intimate gig. They walked onto the stage at 8.45pm to wild cheering, launched into Starlings &, gosh, it was wonderful. The way his voice went up & up halfway through the song just send the shivers down my spine into overdrive. After the song Guy announced that this wasn't the first time they'd played an arena - "There was a rollerskating place in Bury called The Arena!" Even in such a huge venue, he still makes you feel like he's talking to you like he'd talk to a mate down the pub - he's…
  • Elbow - Live at Wembley Arena - Saturday 14th March, 2009

    15 mars 2009, 0h43m par therajman


    Standing in front of a packed Wembley Arena, Elbow's Guy Garvey looked quite unable to believe his luck. Fueled by the overwhelming success of the Mercury Award-winning album The Seldom Seen Kid, the Bury band have made from nowhere risen from critically-claimed almost-rans to the new darlings of honest British , and nowhere is their shock at this transformation more openly displayed than in the wide grin seemingly taped to Garvey's face. Yet whilst it is clear that Elbow are still unsure of quite how they have become so popular (the mammoth single One Day Like This might be a small clue), their performance at Wembley was one of a band at ease with their success, and this two hour cemented the band's deserved place at the forefront of current British musical talent.

    Elbow promised "something special" for the gig, and the presence of a small but perfectly formed string section (doubling as backing vocalists) meant that the widescreen soundscapes of their last…
  • Elbow?! Nix da...

    4 nov. 2008, 19h53m par JawsSurfer

    Mo., 3. Nov. – Elbow, Jesca Hoop
    ...den ganzen Arm hoch und zwar weit! Ich hab ja schon ein bissle was erwartet von den Herrschaften aus Manchester, dass sie mich allerdings in so hohem Maße beeindrucken würden, hätte ich nicht gedacht. Ich fange aber erstmal vorne an...bei Jesica Hoop und Ihrer großen Fellmütze. Die junge Dame kam um ca. 10 vor 9 mit Ihrer Akustikgitarre bewaffnet allein auf die Bühne und sah aus wie die weibliche Version von Jamiroquai. Mit einer schönen Stimme aber auch teilweise piesigen Lauten trug sie eine Handvoll Ihrer Indie-Folk Songs vor, mit einfachen, teilweise monotonen Gitarrenriffs die aber melodisch ganz gut zum Gesang passten. Leider habe ich Sie nicht so gut verstanden aber das mag vielleicht zum Konzept gehören und gefallen hats mir trotzdem. Für zwei Lieder hat sich Jesica die gesangliche Unterstützung, erstens von einer der Cellistinnen(?) von Elbow und für das zweite die Stimme vom Elbow-Sänger Guy Garvey geholt..
  • Elbow @ Manchester Apollo, 30th October 2008.

    31 oct. 2008, 21h32m par Chicken_Boosh

    Thu 30 Oct – Elbow

    Lastnight was a bit of an unusual one for me, because with one thing and another, I missed the support act(s?). I could've missed out on some fantabulous new music, I could've missed a boring set...who knows. Instead I was trying to help my friend navigate around Manchester, find our hotel and get settled before basically heading straight back out again to The Apollo.

    Like the naughty kids in class, we were on the very back row of the circle. I was a little bit horrified by the very idea, but luckily The Apollo is small enough for even the sorry sods on the back row to have a decent enough view of proceedings. More importantly, the sound was great even from right up there.

    I thought at first we were gonna be treated to a full recital of The Seldom Seen Kid after the set was opened with the album's first three tracks. It would've been rather fitting of course, seeing as this tour has been christened their Mercury Award 'lap of honour'.
  • Last Track

    27 juin 2008, 1h34m par ludicrouslouisa

    The last track of an album has a special power, to make or break the album. When the music draws to a close, it's the last track that leaves you with particular impressions.
    I generally prefer my last tracks to either be a gentle, melancholy and lovely end to an album, or a loud, energetic and amazing end. A nice track in the same style as the rest of the album is fine too, even if it isn't amazing. However, a bad last track makes you feel pretty lame, such as if the album runs out of steam in the second half.
    Some bands do BRILLIANT last tracks. And some, unfortunately make very poor choices. Because I am in Australia, often the Australian imports of things have extra tracks which might change the last track choice.
    So here I'll talk about some of the best last tracks, and some of the lamest.

    Radiohead have done some good last tracks, and some lame ones. Life in a Glass House is a bit too maliciously cheery to be a good closer for Amnesiac, but Motion Picture Soundtrack makes a tremendous end for Kid A.
  • My music library overview

    11 fév. 2008, 22h49m par Talladega

    I am bored, so I'm gonna shamelessly steal another user's idea and fill it with some stuff about my music library (from iTunes)

    December 20th, 2009 update

    Total time : 33 days 10 hours 30 minutes and 19 seconds
    Total tracks : 12336 (73.3gb)

    By Artist :
    First song : Bells Of Creation
    Last song : Zut Alore!

    By Album title :
    First Song : Vaka Album: ( )
    Last Song : Country Song

    By Song Title :
    First Song : #1 Zero
    Last song : Zut Alore!

    By Song Time :
    Shortest Song : 0:03 Näin On
    Longest Song : 26:52 Dazed and Confused

    Ten Most Played Songs :

    1)Unissasi Laulelet
    2)Todella kaunis
    4)Herra Heroiini
    5)Pentti Holappa
    7)Apply Some Pressure
    8)Something Is Not Right With Me
    9)Gold Lion

    First five songs that come up on shuffle :
    The One I Love
    Kids Don't Know Shit
    Cry Baby Cry
    Black Stain

    Search... how many songs come up?
    "sex" 19
    "love" 551
    "you" 1350
    "death" 56
    "hate" 32
  • Elbow Rage

    12 mai 2006, 23h17m par killthehippies

    Today I took a brief trip down to Sainsburys, and after a brief glance of my rather limited CD collection I, unusually, decided to pick up Leaders of the Free World as my in-store entertainment. I had bought their third album the day it came out, listened to it a couple of times through, and promptly banished it to the bookcase where it has remained pretty much ever since.

    What has happened to Elbow? I bought Asleep in the Back on the back of Red and was immediately drawn in. Their sound stood out a mile, refreshing and challenging and ethereal amongst the reams of dreary soft rock that had exploded into the mainstream. The bitter dark of Red and Coming Second was intertwined with the delicate tragedy of Don't Mix Your Drinks and Powder Blue, and a finale in the beautifully tender Scattered Black and Whites, leaving you contented, like milk chocolate after dinner, a rich, unusual and fantastic dinner, involving wine and someone you're not yet sure exactly how you feel about but are curious to find out more...