• My favorite podcasts

    15 oct. 2007, 14h30m par rtreynor

    Hey We're Back!
    First off, before you read any further - click on this link to hear Jonathan Katz' latest podcast, where gets a chance to sit down with the great Bob Dylan.
    Jonathan Katz may be best known for his animated Comedy Central show Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. His weekly podcasts are generally about 5-6 minutes long and filled with skits that last about 10-15 seconds. The format is a bit odd, but the results often have me laughing to the point of tears. The segments by Tom Snyder never fail to amuse.

    WNYC's Radio Lab
    The quirkiest science program you'll ever hear. I've blogged about this before, but it's worth mentioning again. My only complaint is that the show is that there are so few episodes. But Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich do a great job trying to find the answers to questions like "Why do we dream?" "What is Morality?" or "What is music?"
    Radio Lab, from WNYC, New York Public Radio is about 60 minutes per episode, but full of fascinating facts and quirky edits. …
  • My time in an Austrian hospital

    8 août 2007, 20h18m par rtreynor

    For those keeping score at home, you'll already know that I recently went on vacation with my wife. First, we went to see Genesis in Rome, and then joined her choir for a tour of northern Italy and Austria.

    We were in a small town called St. Martin, Austria when I fell and shattered my wrist. I stayed in a nearby hospital for the next 3 days, and had plates and pins attached to my bone fragments.

    This entry has nothing to do with music, but I thought I'd share my impressions of my hospital stay.

    The hospital in Austria was a weird experience. The first night of my stay, I was in a ward with 7 other men. No TVs, no privacy felt like I was brought in from the front lines.

    Given that it was late at night by the time I got to the room, the considerable pain, plus the pain medication - I had no trouble sleeping in the room all night.
    After my surgery on Saturday afternoon, however, I was placed in a private room. That was much nicer, obviously. It even had a nice HD flat-panel TV on the wall.