• Last Night I dreamed I kissed Neil Young...

    22 fév. 2009, 18h07m par medv2

    Finally I found some time to use a bit more. I plan writing journals about skateboard videos and their music from time to time, and this is the first one about 'The strongest of the Strange', a video from Pontus Alv.

    To me it is one of the best skatevids I've seen, may be even one of the best films I've seen in general, too. I don't want to discuss the whole video, if you're interested in good skating with a 'different', somewhat artsy presentation then check it out!

    It made me familiar with the greatness of Joy Division and Leonard Cohen as well as it showed me another great cover by Sonic Youth, Computer Age, which was written by Neil Young. The other Sonic Youth Song here, Créme Brûlèe, contains the verse "Last night I dreamed I kissed Neil Young// If I was a boy, yes, it would be fun". There are also two great songs featering Neil Young directly. All these footprints lead me to digging deeper into his discography, another reason I like this video so much.