• april was twelvetone's streamable faves

    2 mai 2008, 17h09m par jannon

    This Heat – A New Kind of Water
    Pissed Jeans – Boring Girls
    Make Believe – Amscaredica
    Love 666 – National
    Times New Viking – Teenage Lust!
    Loose Fur – You Were Wrong
    Bill Fay Group – Spiritual Mansions
    The Psychic Paramount – Echoh Air
    Laurie Anderson – Big Science
    Bonnie 'Prince' Billy – Lay and Love
    Jackson C. Frank – Milk And Honey
    Aloha – Brace Your Face
    Jim O'Rourke – All Downhill From Here
    Talk Talk – Ascension Day
    Unwound – Equally Stupid
    Jens Lekman – Black Cab
    The Kinks – Picture Book
    Wipers – This Time
    The Howling Hex – Pair Back Up Mass with
    LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great
    Brian Eno – King's Lead Hat
    Lullaby for the Working Class – Show Me How the Robots Dance
    Big Star – Thirteen
    Neil Young – A Man Needs a Maid
    Eric's Trip – Lighthouse
    Pinback – Sender
    Jawbox – Chicago Piano
    Comets on Fire – Whiskey River
    Wilderness – End of Freedom
    Sun Kil Moon – Duk Koo Kim
    Dead Moon – Ricochet
    Bruce Springsteen – Highway Patrolman
    Hurl – Bred In Kentucky
    The Left Banke – I've Got Something on My Mind
  • Fun Rock - Songs for the Summer Comp listing

    4 mai 2006, 0h23m par salvobeta

    Well, Its that time of year again... And I just felt this need to make a compiliation of songs in my collection that Rocked, but in a slightly Fun way. The Mix ended up being 4 CD's full in length. The real CD's I actually made nice transitions and crossfades (only way it would have all fit on those 4 discs).

    There were a few rules I had, but they wern't strictly followed (where it isn't its pretty obvious).
    1. No electronic songs.
    2. Songs had to Rock! So nothing to Mathy, or too wierd, or too slow and drudgy.
    3. The songs should be fun, or remind you of riding around on your bike in the summertime.
    4. Only one song per artist.
    5. Go through my collection (digital) alphabetically.

    So here is the list.

    Disc 1
    Richter Scale Madness
    Ducktails - Moon
    Symphony of Treble
    Great Five Lakes (Cornelius Remix)
    Let's Take It All
    I Hate Hate
    Making Time
    Punk Rock Girl
    Going Steady
    あひるを においで/Come See The Duck