• 50 questions about your Top 50 Artists

    26 avr. 2008, 23h39m par pillsitook_

    1. How did you get into 29?
    Hole - When I first saw the video for "Doll Parts", I started to dig them; that song hits me in the heart. But the "Celebrity Skin" album is honestly what really made me love them. (Blasphemy to long-time Hole fans, I know.)

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?
    The Matadors - I am having a hard time remembering. I think it may have been "Burning Desire", which is so good I automatically became a fan.

    3. What’s your favorite lyric by 33?
    Avenged Sevenfold - I have a few. But the first lyric I recall that really struck me is: When time soaked with blood turns its back, I know it's hard to fall / Confined in me was your heart / I know it's hurting you, but it's killing me. Man, it would be awesome if they were still good...

    4. What is your favorite album by 49?
    The Clash - "London Calling", of course.

    5. How many albums by 13 do you own?
    Brand New - 3.

  • Top 10: First Time, First Love, Favorite Now

    11 jan. 2008, 19h23m par pillsitook_

    [1] Davíd Garza
    First: "Kinder"
    Made Me Love: "Slave"
    Current Favourite: I can't even pick just one, I love everything this man does. But "Never Still" & "Burning" come to mind...

    [2] Elliott Smith
    First: "Needle In The Hay"
    Made Me Love: "Biggest Lie", "Somebody That I Used To Know", "White Lady Loves You More"
    Current Favourite: Once again, very difficult to pick only a couple, but I'd say "Waltz #1" & "Miss Misery" are always in rotation.

    [3] The Misfits
    First: I think it was "Die, Die My Darling"
    Made Me Love: "American Nightmare", "She", "Last Caress"
    Current Favourite: "Helena", umm anything? :)

    [4] Otep
    First: "Blood Pig"
    Made Me Love: "My Confession", but really Otep can do no wrong - love it all.
    Current Favourite: "Milk Of Regret"

    [5] Bright Eyes
  • fiona

    14 jui. 2006, 5h03m par dukejansen

    saw Davíd Garza, Damien Rice, and Fiona Apple a few nights ago.

    amazing show.

    davíd garza was okay, but definitely not the side of his music i wanted to see.

    damien rice was fantastic. especially his crazy 5-part loops at the end singing along with himself and pedal magic. excellent.

    and then fiona came out and really just emptied her heart and her soul for us all -- broadcast it through every aching note. it was a raw, powerful, emotional, manic, beautiful performance -- a word which isn't really big enough for what she was doing on that stage.

    i saw her years ago, and it was good, but it was nothing like this. this was intimate, and jarring, and transformative. i don't think i've ever seen a performer pour so much of herself out on stage. it must be that texas heat, it really makes you sweat.

    anyway, bravo.
  • Top Fans Lists I Am In

    26 jan. 2006, 20h14m par taibhreamh

    The things I do when I'm bored. God bless for providing me with stuff to do when everything else fails.

    I went through all my top artists(except for the ones who have rabid fans and I would never be in the top fans lists of those artists because of that) and found the ones which I am in the top fans list when you click on their names.

    Andrew Bird *
    Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire *
    Davíd Garza
    Nora O'Connor
    Tin Cup Prophette *
    James Mathus & His Knockdown Society *
    Turtle Island String Quartet
    Kevin O'Donnell's Quality Six *
    Ward Williams
    Clay Cook *
    Twang Twang Shock-A-Boom
    Anna Kramer *
    Hot Club of San Francisco *
    Borrowed Angels
    Moog Cookbook!
    Cary Ann Hearst *
    Amanda Kapousouz
    Buster Keaton *

    * denotes top fans lists in which I am the first name on the list.
  • show notes

    8 déc. 2005, 16h33m par watchinginkdry

    David Garza was the opening act; he seemed pretty cool--acoustic guitar with a little bit of edge, not too self-indulgent or over the top. But as always, opening acts I've never heard of get short shrift in terms of attention.

    Fiona Apple was . . . interesting. She's a good performance answer to Feist's looniness: she knocks up the intensity just a bit (so there's actually a difference between live and studio performance), but not so much that she ruins her sound and leaves everyone in the audience bewildered and alienated. She played surprising amounts of her early stuff, and not as much as expected from Extraordinary Machine (stupid tag format). I don't know enough about this to know what it means, but Elizando was playing base--given that he's Dre's right-hand man (and therefore a big shot?) and was brought in to re-produce the album . . . dunno how to integrate all that, but it seems noteworthy.

    Somebody had the brilliance to put her in a long, heavy…
  • Fiona Apple - Portland, 11/22.

    26 nov. 2005, 5h03m par ginandironic

    Opening for Fiona Apple was Davíd Garza, whom I did not recognize for some reason. I kept thinking, "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, WTF." As someone said, he has an intense vibrato and he's beyond fucking amazing on the guitar.

    The songs I (belatedly) recognize that Davíd (pronounced Dah-veed, for the curious) included Drone, Litany of Woe, Discoball World, and Rhymes for Honeys and Beats for Boys. He did around five songs and I'm fairly sure that was all of them, but if anyone can fill in with any more, do comment!

    Then there was sound check, etc. God, how long did that last? It felt like an hour, but it was probably only 30-35 minutes. Then, finally, Fiona came out. She looked adorable and girlish; green (or so it looked) peasant style skirt, a white tank top with a ruffled burgundy-pink camisole thing over it, and her hair in two braids. I'd never seen her live but I'd heard mp3s from old shows and she seemed around the same – very nervous, fidgety, unsure of herself, but endearing all the same. …