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Da Fuge is the sound of a new kind of a singer/songwriter and so-called sphere pop. Since the early ninetees he’s was working with bands of the most different musical styles, e.g. punk rock, dark wave, grind core, electronic body music, electro and blues rock. In 2006 he started home recording with a ZOOM PS-04 portable (pocket-) studio wherewith all the songs available at this very website have been recorded and mastered. Studio location: The sitting room.


The Last Shock (1991)
Shock Effect (1991)
Abgasnorm (1992)
Erroneous Belief (1992-1993)
S.N.A. (1993)
Trysticia (1995-1996)
Schnips & Fips (1995-2004)
Eric Sunking (1996-1998)
Prudence Silver (2003-2006)
No Concept (2008-2009)


2006 House Of Mirrors E.P.
2007 Dis-Covery
2007 New Horizons
2008 Next Stop: Life.
2009 While I Was Waiting…

The „House Of Mirrors E.P.“ is a collection of the first recordings with the digital multi-tracker ZOOM PS-04. These first recording do not have the quality of the latest songs because of the operational experience of home recording. Most of the songs have been written in the ninetees and have been recorded for the first time properly. The album ends with „The Flame Still Burns“, a song to say good bye.

„Dis-Covery“ consist of cover versions of songs e.g. from The Cure. It was a lot of fun because of the interpretation of the sound I am so familiar with. And to be honest, at this time I listened to The Cure a lot.

I’ve been thinking of some kind of „New Horizons“ of my life when I wrote the songs for the album to determine a certain stage of life. With „New Morning“ I met her, with „Thank You“ I kissed her goodbye.

„Next Stop: Life.“ is similiar to the previous album but different. The succession of what happened made my write the songs in the very order of meeting my fate those days. I saw the story of „The Ride“ in a dream, „The End…“ was the end and with „A Rush…“ my heart was parting from her. Even in the last song you can hear the grief and despair.

Nevertheless life goes on and „While I Was Waiting…“ it turned out to be something that happens when it is most unexpected: fortune.

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