• Cursor Miner - Danceflaw: Review

    21 juin 2006, 7h41m par Wootz

    I got Danceflaw on Saturday after ordering it on Friday from Warp Records. Now, I've been a big fan of Cursor Miner ever since I stumbled across the video for his track Library. So I was quite excited to hear there was a new album. I had already bought the Hair Of The Dog / Spassfaktor single (in MP3 form from as it was only released on vinyl) so I already knew the direction Cursor Miner was taking, however I held up hope that there would still be the amusing songs which made Cursor Miner's previous releases so unique and enjoyable.

    However on first listen to Danceflaw, I wasn't overly impressed as the album was pretty much entirely missing tracks with lyrics apart from one track Errors in my Mind. The rest are pounding electronic tracks which on initial listening were fairly boring in comparison to Cursor Miner's more unique tracks from former albums.

    However then I learnt the secret to the album... it needs to be played LOUD! The opening track This Is Electro is an absolute stunner when played on full volume…