• Soundtrack of my life! - November 07

    1 nov. 2007, 0h56m par Lozza-licious

    1. Put music player on shuffle.
    2. Record songs.
    3. Don't cheat.

    Opening credits: All My Tears
    Comment: Oh wow, it isn't depressing for once! :)
    Pick some words: "It don't matter where I lay, all my tears be washed away."

    Waking up: The Prophet's Song
    Comment: If I woke up to this, I'd be depressed all day.
    Pick some words: "He told of death as a bone white haze"

    Average day: A Lonely September
    Comment: Yeah this is my average day lately I guess. Depressing though.
    Pick some words: "What I wouldn't give to have one more chance tonight..."

    First date: Voodoo Child
    Comment: LOL! Awesome! xD
    Pick some words: "Put your cards on the table baby. Do I twist, do I fold?"

    Falling in love: Soupy George
    Comment: LOL! Wtf?!
    Pick some words: "Who's that man with soup on his head? Whoa whoa!"

    Fight scene: Hysteria
    Comment: Too slow for a fight song =/
    Pick some words: "I'm in love, I'm in deep, yeah. Hypnotised, I'm shakin to my knees..."
  • Soundtrack of my life! - June 07

    1 juin 2007, 3h49m par Lozza-licious

    Yeah..I titled it June because I'm addicted to doing this :P Yes, I know I'm sad xD

    1. Put music player on shuffle.
    2. Record songs.
    3. Don't cheat.

    Opening credits: Everything Back but You
    Comment: A reminder not to dwell on the past and to move on! ^^
    Pick some words: "And now you're out there with a bitch, slut, psycho babe. I hate you, why are guys so lame? Everything I gave you, I want everything back but you!"

    Waking up: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
    Comment: Another song about being able to accomplish things and just moving on...yes a good song to make me feel motivated waking up. :)
    Pick some words: "Put your hand in my hand baby, don't ever look back!"

    Average day: Californication
    Comment: Quite depressing that's my normal day...:P
    Pick some words: "Space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement"

    First date: Stargazers
    Comment: Not really first date-ish...but an awesome song!