• HEVY FEST 2010: Review (Saturday)

    12 août 2010, 19h52m par appetite4

    Fri 6 Aug – Hevy Music Festival 2010

    Instead of camping, and since the festival was about 10 minutes away from my home, I got day tickets and arrived with my mate an hour or so before the first acts. The first great thing about Hevy was how short the queue was when we got there. Although the weather was a bit crap at first, it brightened up once we were inside and it wasn't a confusing site so finding our way around was easy.

    The first act we saw were Predicting the Fall, opening the Local Heroes Stage on a pretty cloudy Saturday Afternoon. I'd downloaded their EP free off their site a few weeks before, so I roughly knew the choruses and hooks from the set as it went along. On record, the singing was not a strong point, so I was hoping that live they would do more. And to be honest, they did, they certainly made me laugh. After a few songs, the guitarist told the vocalist he was 'full of win', before fucking up the opening to the next song. …