• Wymiana poglądów

    27 mars 2007, 19h03m par _Owca

    Nowe horyzonty mają to do siebie, że znacząco poszerzają punkt widzenia.
    Pragnę więc podziękować szanownemu koledze za korespondencję.
    Bo lubię pisać. Nawet się zastanawiam czy nie bardziej ręcznie do kogoś. Z tym, że to zabiera sporo czasu i kosztuje. Ale listy można trzymać w widocznym miejscu by przypominały o kimś. Z mailami i wiadomościami tekstowymi na GG/Skype/ tego nie zrobisz.
    Chyba, że wydrukujesz. Ale po co?
    Lepiej nie wiedzieć że czasem na drugą stronę ulicy może być 10 000 kilometrów.

    Polecam na dziś:

    StoriesMap of the Problematique
    Kevlar Soul
    Like a Stone
    Will You Cry for Me
    My Immortal
    Someone New
    Jesus to a Child
    Hardest Part

    Sinusoida to nie jest dobry kształt.
    Podobno świat da się opisać za pomocą fraktali.
    Jesteśmy fraktalami więc. Matematyką wyższą w niezwykle uwikłanej formie.
    Funkcje podstawowe zostawmy pięknym kobietom i mężczyznom bez wyobraźni.

  • Excerpts

    7 mars 2007, 14h28m par tethairwen


    And the light from downstairs
    Came up soft like daybreak
    Dimly as the heartache
    Of a lonely child

    Both Sides Now

    But now friends are acting strange
    Shake their heads and say I've changed
    Something's lost when something's gained
    Living every day

    Everybody Hurts

    When your day is long
    And the night
    The night is yours alone
    When you’re sure you’ve had enough
    Of this life
    Hang on
    Don’t let yourself go
    Cos everybody cries
    Everybody hurts sometimes

    Find the River

    You have to go to task in the city
    Where people drown and people serve.
    Don't be shy. Your just deserve
    Is only just light years to go.

    I have got to leave to find my way.
    Watch the road and memorize
    This life that pass before my eyes.
    Nothing is going my way.

    Hardest Part

    I could feel it go down
    Bittersweet like a taste in my mouth
    Silver lining the cloud
    I wish that I could work it out

    Ashes on Your Eyes

    Just about the time your heart breaks like a wheel
    Not in a straight line, but all in pieces
  • Lyrics Game. Let's see what you've got!

    16 nov. 2006, 10h49m par tweak41

    Lyrics game.. post comments with any answers you know... they aren't necessarily the first lines by the way.

    Okay give it a shot

    1. "Over and out of it for one more plane ride out"
    - Smoke

    2. "Tonight is a story of love.. and two broken hearts set by one."
    - All We Ever Needed

    3. "But I can't hide that I relied on you.. like yellow does on blue"
    - She Paints Me Blue

    4. "Caught up in winter weather, I didn't want to tell a lie"

    5. "I'll sing it one last time for you, then we really have to go."
    - Run

    6. "I asked you if you cared. If you care I couldn't tell."

    7. "You enter in full blown technicolor; nothing is the same after tonight"
    - Here in My Room

    8. "Get away from me... this isn't going to be easy: but I don't need you."
    - Have You Seen Me Lately?

    9. "If I had a gun and shot it at your face, would you promise not to get out of the way?"