• Discography Review

    24 mai 2010, 3h41m par ragnarok2

    So I'm deciding that during this long summer I have I am going to finally go through my large discography and listen to each album all the way through. Some I've listened to hundreds of times, others never, so this will be very interesting. I'll rate the albums out of 5 when I'm finished and to give myself some variety I will go in ABC order of album names so I'm not listening to the same artist consecutively.


    Above the Weeping World - One of the greatest melodic death metal albums of all time by Insomnium of Joensuu, Finland. The music is absolutely fantastic, the guitars make melodies that seem dreamlike. The lyrics are haunting and very poetic at times. Only complaint is that it gets hard to understand those lyrics sometimes. Otherwise a classic. This one is hard to put into words, as only listening will make you truly understand.

    Absolution - Easily one of my favorite albums of all time from one of my favorite bands of all time in Muse. Every song is fantastic. …