• what can top the epicness

    4 août 2008, 8h22m par do_you_feel

    of Cinematic Sunrise and JamisonParker?
    no like seriously.
    so all of a sudden tonight i was in a huge cinemaitc and JP mood so i was like hmmm....and started listening and im like i wanna find other bands that have a similar sound to them so i click on last.fm's "related artist" and "related tracks" and im just like wtf. how do these even relate?!
    no help.
    and ive been trying to find some but no such luck


    ahhh right now im liseting toYou Told Me You Loved Me and its so sad!
    well duh obviously i mean even the title, you cant tell is sad. but no matter how many times you listen to this song it never gets old and its sooooo sad. like ive had it repeating a few times so far and its like each time its sad and brings such a rush of emotions but iono why i keep doing this to myself.
    i mean this song makes me sad!
    but only some one as amazing as craig owens could do this for me.