• Concert Review: Tim Barry and Chuck Ragan, Wrongbar, Toronto

    1 mars 2010, 2h37m par Rockstar_Aimz

    Sat 6 Feb – Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry, Dave Hause, Cavaliers!

    This review is several weeks late because I have computer problems, and am addicted to Olympic curling, and have a severe case of the Februaries, and am just damn lazy. If you don't feel like reading the entire review, here's the four word summary: superb musicians, terrible venue.

    Some background: Both Tim Barry and Chuck Ragan come from 90s hardcore/punk rock backgrounds, Barry with the punk band Avail, and Ragan from Hot Water Music. Both bands are on indefinite hiatus (I think), and both artists have gone on to release several solo albums in the singer/songwriter, folk, and alt country styles. I discovered them via their solo work. Barry released his first full length solo album Rivanna Junction in 2006, while Ragan did the same in 2007 with Feast or Famine. They have since put out a handful of wonderful americana albums, all of which I recommend.


    Tim Barry is an angry dude. But he's also sincere, forthright, impassioned, and one hell of a storyteller. …
  • The Loved Ones, Reggies Rock Club.

    21 jui. 2008, 19h07m par blackspike

    Last night (well, actually, yesterday afternoon I guess, since the show started at 5pm), I convinced several of my close friends to trek out to Reggie's, the lovely little oasis of a venue in ground zero of ghetto-ville Chicago to see The Loved Ones, Counterpunch, Love & Squalor, and Ryan's Hope. Thats a lot of Chicago talent, not to mention that The Loved Ones were headlining, in one tiny building.

    Things did not start smoothly, as I was waiting out on S. State St. getting yelled at by a huge homeless guy who apparently thought that I was encroaching on his "turf" (see: dilapidated news stand he was sitting on, literally) from half a block away. We (well, mostly I) missed Ryan's Hope's set, mainly because the show started at 5, I had all the tickets, and the rest of my friends were late. Nothing like standing in the ghetto for an hour, huh?

    Cut to the chase, people arrive, show kicks ass. Commentary as follows:

  • Top 20

    22 nov. 2007, 2h48m par breathingvictim

    Exploding Boy. You talked until your tongue fell out, and then you talked some more. A Wilhelm Scream heard way off shore. What a life: no advice and no guidance, let's just Die While We're Young. Just keep on moving. A manic walk, it's just the panic talking. So keep on breathing, don't stop creating. It's Your Self Portrait. Life is a Work In Progress, so Set Your Goals. Take a look back, is that what you wanted? Chances are that it's not what was intended to be, because it's gonna get better than everything. It'll Be Ok and maybe we could lie together staring straight ahead. Lines of vision parallel, they'll never intersect. I'm counting down the Hours and you have to go soon, you have to get out of bed. It's cold when you move and this is torture, it's fucking horrible. You don't want to leave. Wishing this could last a Lifetime, we Try And Stay Awake. Can i turn off your modern rock, just hit the button make it stop. …