• Choronzon - Ziggurat of Dead Shibboleths Is Released!

    11 oct. 2010, 10h30m par chaos333



    The return of the great beast Choronzon is here. Lest you know the proper evocation you will certainly never make it to the Ziggurat Of Dead Shibboleths. 40,000 Ephraimites have preceded you. 40,000 Ephraimites have died. Participate in the Mass Ov Choronzon, cast your ego into the infinitude to request Inferni… you most certainly deserve it!

    As with every CHORONZON release since the first demo in 1986, the cover features the art of P. Emerson Williams, CHORONZON’s vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. In the past Williams’ work has also graced covers for releases by bands like SLEEPCHAMBER, Rat King, kkoagulaa, Veil of Thorns, Primordial, Katatonia and many more.

    Available now from Inner-X-Musick


  • New Interview With P. Emerson Williams (Choronzon, Veil of Thorns, kkoagulaa)

    19 fév. 2009, 19h04m par chaos333

    ChoronzonVeil of ThornsKkoagulaa

    Choronzon interview up at

    P. Emerson Williams (or 333 as I call him). Musician, artist, illustrator, web mogul, chaos magick practitioner. Since the late 1980’s P. Emerson Williams has been making his mark in a world that is not often seen by the mainstream media. But through his incredible work ethic and vast amount of creative energies, as well as a knowledge of how to tap into the powers of the web, he is now able to reach across to his fans in a multi-medium fashion that has only become possible since the turn of the century. And just when the world catches up with him, he takes another quantum leap forward - as he did in 2005 with the multimedia work “Panic Pandemic”, and promises to do again this year with new releases including the newest Choronzon recording “Controlled Substance”. Perhaps the best way to describe 333 is like a Whirling Dervish - of the Sufi Order… Both in the constant movement and spinning (in great productivity), but also as a man on a mystical journey.
  • My Emusic Downloads for Feb/Mar 08

    24 mars 2008, 4h28m par Sleastak

    I've been an Emusic subscriber for 3 years. I pay by the year and my plan gets me 90 downloads a month at a fraction of the cost of Itunes or Rhapsody.

    This is how I spent my 90 downloads for the month:

    Draconian - Turning Season Within
    An early contender for album of the year!!!! Draconian uses the female vocals even more but still remains true to their heavy death doom roots and creates a future classic.

    Dark Fortress - Tales From Eternal Dusk
    EXCELLENT melodic black metal.

    Choronzon - Magog Agog
    Industrial black metal. Great album.

    Eluveitie - Slania
    Celtic pagan folk metal rooted in melodic death metal. Good stuff.

    Evile - Enter the Grave
    Killer thrash.

    Isole - Bliss Of Solitude
    Awesome doom. A bit progressive and a little reminiscent of the great Solitude Aeturnus

    Opera IX - Anphisbena
    Very well done black metal from Italy.

    Riger - Der Wanderer
    Pagan metal at a very high level!

    Rutthna - Doomsdaylight
  • Choronzon - Psychosis Ex Machina

    20 déc. 2007, 12h03m par chaos333

    For those of you who have just recently joined the chaotic proceedings, I'm posting a new review of an older release. The follks at are running a series of articles on Electro Metal and writer Olivier Côté has written a wonderful review of the Psychosis Ex Machina album posted below. In the online player or in the software, you can stream the entire album. users will be able to add most of the Veil of Thorns and Choronzon albums to your playlists as of now.

    Coming up soon is an interview with me given to M. Côté for the site. I'll keep you posted.

    The review:


    Psychosis Ex Machina

    Release: 2004

    Label: Foamin' Sodomy Records

    Avantgenre: Noise Orchestration Of Chaos Thrash

    Duration: 60:10

    Origin: USoA

    Official site:

    Review online since: 07.12.2007 / 00:49:41