• Music Shopping: Classics

    5 déc. 2006, 22h36m par Ainurel

    I really only should have picked up some basic Vivaldi recordings. I do most of my media shopping on the internet nowadays, which works for me - either I find exactly what I want, or nothing worth the shipping cost. In an old-fashioned, real-life shop I'm much more bound to buy on impulse. Luckily, those shops are becoming rarer. My hometown, at least, doesn't have any specialized music store in the city centre anymore. Åhléns has a music department in the basement that stocks only the latest pop hits. Akademibokhandeln, the largest bookstore, has a decent selection of classical recordings. That's where I got stuck today.

    What I bought:

    Claudio Monteverdi - Vespers of the Blessed Virgin (Naxos)
    - performed by The Scholars Baroque Ensemble. I was torn between this double CD and the next item on the list: the erotic madrigals and mundane love songs of the same componist. But then I decided that the crucial point of the moral dilemma was not to decide between earthly and divine love…