• a chuva

    6 mai 2007, 0h31m par ddpp

    eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again
    gal costa - Chuva de prata
    madonna - Rain
    burt bacharach - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
    jorge ben - Chove Chuva

    se lembrou de alguma pode mandar que eu adiciono

    It is rainning men!
    November Rain

    Purple Rain

    I’m Only Happy When It Rains
  • Top 150 Songs Game

    22 juin 2006, 21h26m par Zoethustra

    My friend, Brian, and some of his friends created this game. Basically (if you are playing with 3 people), you have a list of 150 slots and two people suggest one song each that they think should be on the "150 Best Songs" list. The person who is holding the paper decides where each song should go on the list. Then the person passes the paper on to one of the other people and the process is repeated until the whole list is filled. The results are interesting because usually the middle gets filled up first and you are left with best and worst of the list...usually you get some strange results in the top ten.

    Rules: You can only use an artist only once (you can use The Beatles once and John Lennon once...you just can't use the Beatles twice). Civers can make the list, but the cover and the original can't both be on the list.

    Here's how ours went (the one's with the *'s are mine):

    150. Come Sail Away...if it were up to me Styx would not be on this list at all, so to make up for it I put it last.