• Music and moods

    21 fév. 2006, 20h35m par erdengel

    what an interesting relationship this is...

    i have found that, when i am very happy, i tend to listen to very happy music. but then i spiral into super-happiness (also known as mania), which makes me listen to even more up-beat music. this is the only time i can appreciate the bounciness of house music, and, for some odd reason, i love Bauhaus

    the flip-side is true, as well. when i am blue, and i listen to depressing music, i tend to spiral downwards, as does the music i listen to. i know i am in trouble when i start listening to things like Failure.

    in the past year or so, i have tried to listen to very calming music, so my playlist has consisted mainly of Beethoven, Mozart, John Serrie, Buddhist Monks, and other tranquil things. my mood has been fairly stable, but i do also crave the roller-coaster ride that the rest of my music collection offers.

    i am not quite sure i am ready for Swans yet though, unless it is Love Will Tear Us Apart.