• 5,000 plays...

    24 avr. 2009, 20h55m par poohbear7882

    And counting...

    I FINALLY hit 5,000 plays last night. It took hours of endless music. Every time I turn my PC on, the first thing I do is start the last.fm player. I listen while I surf; I listen while I tweet, I listen while I talk on Skype (in the background); I listen while I game... There's almost no time that I'm not listening.

    I've listened to a little bit of everything these last 5,000 plays. My library now contains 341 artists. My goal is to reach 450 different artists before hitting 7,500 plays...which is the next milestone I'm headed for.

    At the moment, Sublime has the most plays in my library with 215 plays, followed by Garth Brooks, at 190 plays.

    Track #5,000 was Brooks & Dunn, You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone