• 70 questions.

    29 mai 2015, 8h09m par Moonlight__Dawn

    1. What are you listening to right now?
    Billy Idol's Rebel Yell

    2. What song makes you sad?
    A few songs but I'll name one: Traces by Classics IV

    3. What is the most annoying song in the world?
    Quite a few of them out there but my vote will have to swing to Disco Duck by Rick Dees. I remember this piece of novelty crap. *shivers*

    4. Your all time favorite band?
    A few - The Doors, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan - just to name a handful.

    5. Your newly discovered band is?
    None ATM

    6. Best female voice?
    A few but to name one: Janis Joplin

    7. Best male voice?
    A few but to name one: Eric Burdon

    8. Music type you find yourself listening to most?
    Proto-punk, beat, psychedelia, garage, progressive, blues-rock, new wave, soft rock & hard rock.

    9. What do you listen to, to hype you up?
    Garage, proto-punk, post-punk, hard rock

    10. What do you listen to when you want to calm down?
    Soft rock or something slow, mellow. Sometimes ambient or new age.
  • 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die - The 1960's

    21 mars 2011, 23h26m par darren86

  • The Delightful 65 of the 60's! (Best Albums 1960-1969)

    18 déc. 2010, 11h37m par thomas10
    1 The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico
    One would be hard pressed to name a rock album whose influence has been as broad and pervasive as The Velvet Underground and Nico. While it reportedly took over a decade for the album's sales to crack six figures, glam, punk, new wave, goth, noise, and nearly every other left-of-center rock movement owes an audible debt to this set. While The Velvet Underground had as distinctive a sound as any band, what's most surprising about this album is its diversity. Here, the Velvets dipped their toes into dreamy pop ("Sunday Morning"), tough garage rock ("Waiting For The Man"), stripped-down R&B ("There She Goes Again"), and understated love songs ("I'll Be Your Mirror") when they weren't busy creating sounds without pop precedent. …
  • New top 10 thang

    15 sept. 2009, 22h24m par nudeasthenews

    Name your top ten most-played artists on

    1. The Smiths
    2. The Beatles
    3. Belle and Sebastian
    4. Pixies
    5. Cat Power
    6. Bob Dylan
    7. Pavement
    8. Sublime
    9. Neil Young
    10. Mazzy Star

    1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    The first song I ever consciously played of his was Masters of War

    2. What is your favourite album of 2?

    3. What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    Jackson, Jesse, I've got a son in me
    - Nude as the News

    4. How many times have you seen 6 live?

    5. What is your favourite song by 7?
    Father To A Sister To A Thought or trigger cut (wounded kite at :17)

    6.What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    Probably being in Ft Worth at my grandparents house, listening to So Tonight That I Might See for the first time

    7. Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    Chalet Lines or Lord Anthony

    8. What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
    Although I'm so tired, I'll have another cigarette
  • 10 Great Bob Dylan rarities

    23 jan. 2009, 18h43m par Codyke

    Bob Dylan not only released some of the critically most acclaimed albums in the history of music. He left plenty of great songs of those albums as well! The 8 volumes of his Bootleg Series are the perfect example of the great songs he had hidden in his vaults for a long time. But there are more tracks, which weren't released on an album or as a single. Think of the Genuine Basement Tapes. The 10 next songs are 10 other great rarities which hopefully will see an official release in the future. There was only one criteria I used for selecting the songs: the recordings should be in high quality.

    1) The Death of Emmett Till(The Freewheelin’ Outtakes, 1962)

    This great protest song was originally recorded during the The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan sessions in 1962. The topic of this song shows a lot of similarities to The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll. A black boy gets killed by two racist brothers ‘’ just for the fun of killin' him and to watch him slowly die’’. …
  • Cool covers

    11 nov. 2008, 20h33m par Anjoli

    A journal entry to keep track of cool covers. Now as a playlist (New!).

    Hello Spaceboy - Pagan's Mind
    I was not aware of this David Bowie song (Hello Spaceboy) before I heard this version. Brilliant performance.

    Metro - System of a Down
    Berlin (Take My Breath Away-Berlin) did the original (Metro). Maybe it is the song as such that is awesome, not the cover. Alkaline Trio has covered it as well (Metro).

    Lucretia My Reflection - Warrel Dane
    Nevermore member Dane makes an awesome version of this Sisters of Mercy Floodland classic. That's an album to check out.

    Better Off Dead - Anathema
    O gosh, I forgot the best cover ever. This is a wonderful cover of Bad Religion. Michelle Richfield does the most impressing vocals I have ever heard. The original is a song I did not pay much attention to before I heard the cover, but I think that is significant for a cool cover. (Edit November 14th 2008)

    Masters of War - Dragontears
  • Polityczna Katie Melua

    25 sept. 2008, 9h52m par zen-concrete

    Czytałem półtora roku temu artykuł na temat wpływu polityki na świat muzyczny. Okazuje się, że długotrwały konflikt, jak na przykład wojna na Bliskim Wschodzie, której nikt poza garstką rządzących sobie nie życzy, odbija się w tekstach piosenek. I nie chodzi o żadnych zaangażowanych politycznie artystów, ponieważ ci najczęściej uprzedzają wydarzenia takie, jak inwazja na Afganistan czy Irak.
    Nie, mowa tutaj o piosenkarzach, którzy najczęściej płodzą kolejne popowe piosenki o miłości i tym podobnych tematach. Jak zapewne domyślili się wszyscy po temacie, jedną z takich artystek była również Katie Melua. W mojej ulubionej piosence jej autorstwa, Spider's Web, druga zwrotka idzie tak:

    I could tell you to go to war,
    Or I could march for peace and fighting no more,
    How do I know which is right,
    And I hope he does when he sends you to fight.

    Co istotne, tekst do piosenki napisała ona. Wcześniej zajmował się tym Mike Batt, ale na drugim albumie Katie zaczęła przejmować powoli tę rolę. …
  • [36] Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)

    8 sept. 2008, 18h28m par Llorenza

    Bob DylanThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

    “I didn’t know Bob Dylan was that good.”

    That’s what one of my room mates said when I was listening to this album in our living room. I have to admit the same thought had already crossed my mind. Due to some overexposure in the religion lessons in high school (Blowin' in the Wind seems to be a standard contemplation song) I had the wrong idea that I wouldn’t like Bob Dylan very much anyway.

    Well, I’m glad that is sorted out now. Praise the Lord and thank Jesus ;): this is an astonishingly superb album. And to think I missed it all these years… damn!

    Bob Dylan complains that he never meant to be the voice of his generation. Well, too bad, it is his own fault. He shouldn’t have made songs like these (he shouldn’t have such a great voice) and he definitely shouldn’t have written lyrics like this:

    Come you masters of war
    You that build all the guns
    You that build the death planes
    You that build the big bombs
  • Definitive List (Under Construction)

    14 août 2008, 10h27m par Dunkery

    Mijn Bijna Perfecte Bijna Definitieve Lijst (English translation will follow in time)

    Last. FM heeft me de inspiratie gegeven om het onmogelijke te doen. Lijstjes maken! Het maken van charts, het zelf ontstaan van charts, nieuwe muziek ontdekken, geld uitgeven aan nieuwe cd's, was voor mij niet genoeg. Door cd's en lp's in lijsten te rangschikken, wilde ik er achterkomen, wat ik nu zelf de beste geluidsdragers vond/vind na al die jaren dat ik in muziek ben geinteresseerd. Natuurlijk is muziek geen sport, er zijn geen winnaars en verliezers in muziek (alhoewel), misschien alleen hoogtepunten en dieptepunten. Het heeft allemaal met gevoel te maken, weet ik zelf ook wel. Met smaak wellicht ook, met stemmingen. Ik koop al vannaf m'n 16e muziek. Heb al die lp's nog steeds in mijn bezit. Top Pop kijken, de wekelijkse Top 40 meenemen uit de platenzaak, naar Amsterdam afreizen naar Boudisc (RIP), lp's kopen, Frits Spits, Alfred Lagarde, Hanneke Kappen, Superclean Dream Machine…
  • Top 40 Artists

    16 avr. 2008, 21h25m par BillyTheLoon