• First Journal Entry

    15 sept. 2005, 1h34m par scarebear

    I'm thinking this journal thingie would be quite useful to keep track of my new music findings, and old music updates.

    So, let's take it for a spin.

    I downloaded a couple songs, don't remember where from, about a year ago by a band by the name of Deconstruct. It appears that one of their guitarists is now playing for Danzig. One song was Black Hole. The other one is Time Kills. You can hear and download a few new tunes on their myspace page

    I'm feeling a bit superior about it. Because still not much going on the charts here, so I am way ahead of the trend. 41 people listening to them, total as of this entry. Not church lady superior, but pretty good.

    As for a new discovery, I have to submit Blaise Douros. Maybe it's because I like Danny Elfman so much. Or maybe it's because he has a song called Twinkle Twinkle, Little Bat.

    Man, I reallly really have to pee. I've got the bladder of a nervous puppy. So I'll have to cut this short.


    The End