• NWOBHM Band of the Week (16th December 2008): Persian Risk

    16 déc. 2008, 19h16m par GrantRS

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    The project to research and evaluate all the 'forgotten' bands continues with Persian Risk. (If you already know this band, feel free to skip reading this week, but I promise you it'll be shorter than last week.)

    This one chosen slightly less randomly than last week, I remembered seeing the name somewhere before specifically with the letters "ex-" in front of it and brackets around it, but couldn't remember who I'd seen that in relation to. A quick glance at the band's original line-up immediately throws up two candidates who I'm sure I've read about before.

    Original line-up:
    Vocals: John Deverill (would go on to Tygers of Pan Tang)
    Guitars: Phil Campbell (would go on to Motorhead)
    Guitars: Dave Bell
    Bass: Nick Hughes (would go on to Idol Rich)
    Drums: "Razz"

    Originating from Wales in '79, the band didn't last long enough with this line-up to get anything officially released. …
  • "Heaven and Hell" live in Prague: The Blackest Sabbath

    26 juin 2007, 11h21m par honcuk

    Mon 25 Jun – Heaven And Hell

    So they came to my city. It was announced so late and the promotion was poor... And so was the attendance. But not only because of that...

    Today many times more poeple are going to see Ozzy Osbourne with Korn ! as a supporting act. Bleah... I am ashamed... My country's musical tastes suck so much. Not-trendy bands have no chance to fill up the arenas. Bands I like (Trouble or Cathedral for example) never visit my land.

    But despite everything, the second incarnation of the heavy rock gramps Black Sabbath finally, though it was unsure to the last time, visited us. And average age at the gig was something like 50 I think...

    Shame, shame, shame...


    01. Intro - E5150
    02. The Mob Rules
    03. Children Of The Sea
    04. I
    05. Sign Of The Southern Cross
    06. Voodoo
    V. Appice solo
    07. Computer God
    08. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
    09. Shadow of the Wind
    T. Iommi solo
    10. Die Young
    11. Heaven And Hell
    12. Neon Knights
  • Black Sabbath (Heaven And Hell) In Vancouver

    13 mars 2007, 2h36m par badinsults

    Sun 11 Mar – Heaven And Hell, Megadeth, Down

    Black Sabbath is and always will be my favourite band. Ever since I first heard the song Psycho Man on the radio back in 1997, I have strived to listen to as much Black Sabbath as possible. When it was announced that the Dio-era lineup of Sabbath was going to reunite, I obviously got very excited. What topped it off was that they would start their world tour in Vancouver! Regardless of their title of Heaven And Hell, everyone was there to see what it truly was, Black Sabbath.

    Anyways, I had floor tickets and expected some great metal.

    Down started things off. I hadn't heard Down before, but I felt that they put on a good show. There were quite a few Down fans there, most of who were probably still in high school. Anselmo seemed legitimately surprised that the crowd was as rowdy as it was. He egged on people to smoke weed, which soon filled the air. The irony was that the worst song they played was about smoking weed.

  • · 5 Really Great Songs II ·

    10 fév. 2006, 22h05m par a-quintus

    Again it's me with 5 great songs I'd like to recommend:

    · Murder on My Mind ·
    My favorite song from their new album Rock & Roll Is Dead. Just listened to it and I think it's worth mentioning :)

    · Closure ·
    A very calm and kind of thoughtful song with some acoustic guitars and great unusual vocals

    · Computer God ·
    I recently discovered this song. I immediately liked it after hearing it for the first time, so just give it a try ;)
    I especially like the beginning, awesome riffs :)

    · Suicide Messiah ·
    Ok, not too far away from the last song :)
    I stumbled across this a while ago on Winamp Music.. pretty cool song!

    · El Sol ·
    Now for one of my all-time favorite tracks..
    I often heard people complaining about Zwan, but I don't understand it at all. I think they're great and in contrast to The Smashing Pumpkins they have a very warm and bright atmosphere. Great to listen to in winter and dream of warm summer evenings.. :)