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    20 août 2007, 0h37m par SebastianCrump

    hey i can't scrob vinyl!

    and methinks this guy reset on me again? oh well, tis a fair portrait of what i've been listening to as of late i suppose!

    today i just bought the vinyl of

    Fugazi The Argument


    The Fucking Champs VI which i guess isn't listed on yet.

    but yeah i tend to listen to the same mp3s over and over but i've a bit of vinyl that's different than my mp3 collection that i dig so it doesn't come up here! but you should check them out anyway, maybe i'll post now and then.

    I bought The Fucking Champs based solely on the review here that said "The Fucking Champs are adventure music, plain and simple."


    and tis true, why must video game characters be the only people with intense life soundtracks?! TIME TO LEVEL UP!!!

    sweet mathy adventure goodness!

    another favorite is a band i found because i was mad that i was in new york but not taking advantage of it...went out to a show simply because the bands had awesome names... …