• iTunes is No Longer Just For Music

    20 jan. 2006, 2h18m par sreklof88

    Ah, the days of joy and lust with iTunes is no longer. Especially not that iTunes no longer plays just music. Now when I play any sort of iTunes compatable file with iTunes software on my computer, it will show up on my last•fm web page, music or video, but no distinction will be made as to if it is a video or music file. I guess, one solution is to keep my iTunes listening habbits pure and only listen to music with iTunes, sort of in protest. The problem is, I just downloaded free video with the iTunes music store. I downloaded a free episode of the dramedy, comedy/drama, "Monk". While the episode was funny, and I will probably watch it again for the more subtle points I for sure over looked, it will show up everytime on my last•fm member page as a listened song. I am clearly frustrated. Should I be happy or just revolt and never use another Apple product again?

    Take a listen to these morsels:

    One Little Victory

    Time To Build