• Johnny Cash & Mexican Banda Music

    5 fév. 2006, 12h29m par pawla

    I've been listening to a lot of Johnny Cash lately. Yesterday I went to see Walk The Line.

    One of the most striking things about Cash's music is that it reminds me very much of the music I grew up with--Los Tigres del Norte, Ramon Ayala, Banda Machos, etc. His music has heart not only in the abstract sense, but in the very literal one, too. You can feel the thumping in your heart. The bass. I always felt it was exactly in tune with my heart beat.

    I suppose to Mexican Banda music isn't too disimilar music wise. Unfortunately, my music terminology is sorely lacking. All I can talk about are the physical reactions to the music.

    I wish my mom could understand English because I think she'd appreciate the gospel roots of country music.

    Johnny Cash
    Los Tigres Del Norte
    Ramon Ayala
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