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AUGURY is a relatively new name in Montréal’s musical landscape, yet the very idea of the band was in the air since the musicians met in 1997. But serious stuff began in the winter of 2001/2002 when lead/classical guitarist Mathieu Marcotte left his band Spasme and started auditioning a string of drummers to seriously start a complete outfit. Shortly after, he was joined by soprano vocalist Arianne Fleury and demented bass wizard Dominic “Forest” Lapointe and started to jam complete songs.

In the mean time, vocalist Patrick Loisel had pledged to join and, in February 2002, took a hiatus left his outfit Kralizec to become the band’s other lead guitarist as well. In June of 2002, former Adenine’s drummer Mathieu Groulx completed the line-up and helped the band shape their first six songs and play its first show. However, lack of time and different musical tastes led him to depart Augury.

For a few months, the drummer-less outfit spent time writing more songs, focusing on strings instruments arrangements. Then, to the relief of everyone, the final missing piece fell in the puzzle as drummer Étienne Gallo took over the seat. After months of arranging and rehearsing the songs, AUGURY finally commit their work into an album. Concealed was recorded by Yannick St-Amand and mixed by Jean-François Dagenais.

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