• An Evening with Anita Baker

    31 août 2010, 4h38m par udizzle

    Sat 28 Aug – Anita Baker

    There was terrible traffic on I-75 on the way to the theater. It eventually went down to one lane. Despite leaving around 6:40, I did not get to the theater until shortly after 8:00pm. It did not matter, though, because the show had not started. In fact, the show did not start until about an hour later at 9:07pm!

    Supposedly, Anita was just giving more people the chance to get there before starting the show. This is why opening acts exist. I can understand if Anita Baker wanted to keep the bulk of the money for herself, but she could have gotten a low budget, local to keep us entertained until she came out to sing. I would not have minded hearing some Monica Blaire or L'Renee or someone.

    I fully understand the importance of the interaction between artist and audience. However, far too much time was spent by Anita Baker accepting flowers and gifts from the audience, trying to hype up the crowd, simply talking, and essentially pleading for applause and enthusiasm. …