• Free Downloads Of Female Artists/Female Fronted Bands: A-B

    9 août 2012, 2h05m par music_man_76

    Welcome to my on going effort to promote the music of female vocalists and female fronted bands. I hope you find this research tool useful to you in growing a greater appreciation of these wonderful women singers and musicians. Some of these artists are well known while others are working hard to be discovered. The first link will take you to the artist's home page. The following link(s) takes you to the website(s) where the artist is offering a free download.

    I would like to give a special thanks to my friend Ken aka Pretty-Life, who has brought to my attention so many of the fantastic female artists found in this journal. Thanks, Ken!

    Please know that I do not own or hold the copyrights on any of the below songs. They are all the property of their respective artists, songwriters and/or recording companies.

    If you like my work, then please leave me a shout saying so. Thanks for stopping by.

    George (music_man_76)


  • TOP 20 Krautrock Bands

    8 oct. 2007, 12h22m par Elektrolurch

    Inspired by nemoflow, i thought i might do the same thing by doing a blog entry about my personal TOP 20 Kraut groups, let's see

    1. Amon Düül II
    One of my all time favorites, existential in every way...great improvised stuff, original and unique. They somehow set a benchmark in defining an unique german sound at the time. Must check their early stuff if you haven't already.

    A still active band. Maybe not exactly Kraut. Nice fusion/jazzrock, timeless, fluid. One of the best live performances i've evr witnessed.

    3. Can
    Also one of the big groups of its time. To me, they showed that Krautrock can just rock and flow and doesn't have to be hard to listen to. Thanks;)

    4. Agitation Free

    5. Ougenweide



    8.Guru Guru


    10.Popol Vuh

    11.Ash Ra Tempel




    15.Lucifer's Friend

    16.Inga Rumpf & L.D. Company



    19.Xhol Caravan

    20.Rufus Zuphall