• National Pigeon Unity, Donawhale & Apollo 18 @ Spot

    23 fév. 2010, 17h19m par helikoppter

    Saturday was awesome, as far as I can remember.

    After having settled in a guesthouse near Hongdae, I met up with rpgshine to go to some kind of musician flea market she had head about. It seemed like a really nice gathering, and to my surprise I found Amature Amplifier sitting on the floor, offering several interesting CDs.... I said hi and learned that the Stretching Journey vocalist is currently studying abroad so that's why it's been kinda quiet from them lately. Also met "the 5th Stretching Journey member" and was happy to find Cabinet singalongs sitting at the next blanket, since I had thought they'd disappeared already a couple of years ago.

    Later that evening time had come for the event I used as an excuse to come to Korea this time: Sat 20 Feb – Apollo18 - VIOLET EP Release Show! National Pigeon Unity opened and were even slightly better than I remembered them to be. They had lots and lots of energy throughout the entire set, with the second last song even giving me the chills. …
  • South Korea Independent Music Scene

    21 fév. 2006, 17h18m par amatureamp

    In South Korea, Indie-scene is small but it's still alive.
    Seoul's Hongdae-Indie-scene is the core.
    In this core, amature amplifier is something odd existence.
    Many of lyrics are simple korean.
    Romantic is the first feeling for the music.
    But the gig is so funny, psyche and houmorous.
    If you visit Korea and courious about Korean Indie-Music, you must visit this area.
    Don't lose the gig of amplifier.